POV DISCUSSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 8


I haven’t been writing about IOIL, well, because I hardly have time 😦 Anyway, just finished watching Episode 8 and wanted to write about the episodes so far. I actually like the drama a lot. It seems very ‘free-spirited’ and it’s interesting how they balance the mystery and the story itself. It seems like everything is written seamlessly, and I appreciate it a lot.

I was a little bothered by the fact of how ‘open’ the drama is, but I’m used to it now. Episode 8 might not have a lot of story going on, but I liked how it focused on Jae Yeol and Hae Soo’s dating life and their personality clashes. I think the writer really put in a lot of effort in the script, even in the characters ‘small talk’, it’s thought-intriguing and interesting.

I felt bad for Soo Kwang – and when I think about it, it must be really hard and lonely to be ill. He’s perfectly normal – but people look at him differently. It’s sad, but it’s the reality we are living in right now. I hope the writer does give someone who will treasure him!

Anyway, they are slowly dropping hints and Hae Soo still hasn’t noticed Kang Woo is just Jae Yeol’s imagination. The hand and coughing though – is Jae Yeol really suffering from an illness??? They are not going to kill him off in the end, right???

I mean – the thought just occurred to me. What if he really is the murderer, and they kill him off in the end, of an illness??? 😦

It’s still confusing on who is the real murderer – especially more so, because this drama is about the state of the mind – so it might still be either Jae Bum or Jae Yeol. However, I do feel that Jae Bum is genuinely believing that he is not the murderer – and this might be a fact, or it might be his state of mind.

Oh – and the writer manages to make me care about all the characters. It’s like they show the different sides of a character, and I’m just blown away that it’s all, really, written seamlessly. I’m amazed. HAHAHA.

I would have wanted Dong Min and Young Jin to get back together, if he wasn’t married – but too bad he is. I wouldn’t want him to get a divorce and get back with her though. It’s engaging to watch that they still have lingering feelings for each other, especially because they have regrets about their marriage. I wish to see them actually moving on further down the road, as it’s a form of growth and I think it would be really rewarding watching a drama with so much life lessons.

It’s understandable that Dong Min always brings someone along when going out with Young Jin – because he still have feelings for her, but he is married. Bringing a third party, somehow, is a boundary which separates him and her, and it’s also being considerate to his current wife. I mean – how would his wife feel if he met his ex-wife alone, even though they have nothing going on between each other.

Oh!!! And…. so the lady at the window is actually Jae Yeol’s first love. We still don’t know if she has a part to play on discovering Jae Yeol’s past, and this drama teases us so much with the small little hints dropped here and there, and appearance by people of Jae Yeol’s past. And I can’t wait till the police check the CCTV of Jae Yeol ‘beating up’ Kang Woo’s dad.

Was there even… people there? What if…. there wasn’t anyone and he was fighting on his own? I mean – this is most likely what happened. Or it could be another husband beating up his wife, and there was just no Kang Woo. But, I’m still going with the first one – more dramatic when he actually view the CCTV himself.

Okay – that’s about it. I hope the drama continues to be this awesome and don’t falter in the second-half 🙂


3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 8

  1. I’m enjoying it too, and I can’t wait to see how they handle the revelation of Jae Yeol’s delusions. The one thing that keeps me from fully investing in this show is the fear of who will officially treat Jae Yeol once they know Kang Woo is not real. As long as anyone EXCEPT Hae Soo becomes his official shrink I’m ok, but if they make her his shrink I am out of the show b/c that is so beyond unethical that I wouldn’t be able to keep watching.

    1. oh yes. i forget that part. i agree – i wouldn’t want hae soo to be the shrink to cure him too. that would be just…..urgh.

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