POV DISCUSSION: Various Currently Airing Dramas

Alright, I’m back – I wanted to do separate posts for each dramas, but I figured out that I would hardly have time to do so anyway, so I just decided to post discussions on various dramas in one post as it is much easier. There will not be any screencaps and it’s not a recap.

I would be writing about my first impressions on Discovery of Romance, My Secret Hotel, MAMA, The Three Musketeers, and normal discussions for Endless Love, The Night Watchman and It’s Okay It’s Love. Marriage Not Dating has ended airing – and I will doing up a separate post for that.


Discovery Of Romance

I’ve watched the first two episodes, and it was alright. It was fun, but I still have my reservations about it, for now. However, I do love the friendship Yeo Reum, Joon Ho and Sol shares. It was priceless how Ha Jin told Joon Ho not to let Yeo Reum know about the blind date, and Joon Ho told Sol instead, who will obviously tell Yeo Reum. Hah!

I’m loving all the characters so far – and the chemistry is all good. I’m only not jumping into it completely because though not very obvious, it gets a little boring for me, when they are showing flashbacks of Yeo Reum and Tae Ha.

I love Yeo Reum’s awkwardness towards Tae Ha, and Tae Ha’s flirting towards her, and I actually want more bickering and more of these moments, rather than flashbacks of their happy time together. It doesn’t bother me that much yet, but I hope the drama won’t show too much flashback.

They can show flashbacks – but it shouldn’t ‘overtake’ the main story. I don’t want to watch the past, but I want to watch the present, though it is still essential to have some flashbacks to show what went wrong the first time.

Most probably it was because they dated for a long time, and things cool off – communication got lesser, and they took each other for granted. Yeo Reum wanted ‘assurance’ from Tae Ha that he loved her, that she is still the most important, and Tae Ha sort of neglected her, not because she wasn’t important, but because he was having a hard time making a living.

I guess it requires both party to understand each other, and communicate more to know what each party is going through and what they expect in the relationship.

Anyway, the thing I’m actually looking forward to is actually a happy ending, because it seems that everyone can have their own pair. Please drama, let Ha Jin have a girl too, okay?

My Secret Hotel

And…. another drama about ex-lovers meeting again, with a mystery twist. Yay, for something extra! Nam Sang Hyo and Goo Hae Young were married 7 years ago, but divorced in less than 3 months. They meet again when Goo Hae Young is getting married for a second time, and Sang Hyo is the wedding coordinator.

I thought that they would focus on the whole second wedding slightly longer, but it was done in two episodes and the wedding ended up not happening, because a body fell from the ceiling during the wedding ceremony.

Not complaining about that – because it was a pretty good first two episodes. Clearly both of them still have feelings for each other, and I’m curious and excited to find out why they didn’t work out the first time.

They had an impromptu wedding by themselves, and loved each other – so what went wrong?

And we also have a mystery of a sudden murder – which will entangle our leads together and I am excited for what will happen next.

The only thing I’m actually worried is the mystery itself – because it has to be good, for the drama to be engaging, and both mystery and romance must balance well. I didn’t find the mystery of the drama that interesting yet, and body falling from the ceiling is hardly new.

Sung Gyum, is also going to try to find out who sent the note to him, and if his father really was murdered and how it’s related to the current murder.

Anyway, shall look forward to the next episodes 🙂


I’m actually watching MAMA for quite some time now, and didn’t have time to write about it. For those who have no idea what it is about, it’s actually about Han Seung Hee, a mother who is dying and plans to let her son, Geu Roo, be adopted by her ex-boyfriend (her son’s real father). In a twist of fate, she became her ex-boyfriend’s (Moon Tae Joo) wife (Seo Ji Eun) friend.

I actually enjoy this a lot. Seung Hee and Geu Roo lived in Canada for years, and they don’t have a good relationship. Geu Roo grows up with a grudge against his mother, who hardly has time for him. He has the mistaken impression that Seung Hee wants to abandon him for a man.

Tae Joo dumped Seung Hee years ago as they both were poor, and he got married to Ji Eun. Years later, Ji Eun gets saddled in debt, unknown to Tae Joo. She randomly asks for help from Seung Hee, who paid off her debt. Seung Hee has been keeping track of Tae Joo and Ji Eun’s relationship and family, and is hesitant about leaving Geu Roo in their care.

However, she ended up letting Ji Eun take care of Geu Roo.

Koo Ji Sub has a bad relationship with his father. Seung Hee happens to move into his studio, and after much difficulty, Seung Hee allows him to use the second story as she uses the first.

Ji Sub finds out about her illness, and is upset that she revealed to him such a truth. He is confused about his feelings for her.

Tae Joo has an affair with his female boss, and his relationship with Ji Eun starts to fall apart.

Okay – I wouldn’t say the story is super engaging and interesting, but I am interested in looking at how Seung Hee and Geu Roo mend their relationship, especially when she has so little time left. It seems that Ji Sub will also fall for her. I think that Ji Sub would probably learn a lot from looking at Seung Hee, and he might slowly amend his relationship with his father.

The Three Musketeers

Yes to Saguek! This drama is going to run for 3 seasons and each season for 12 episodes. NOOOO. Does this mean season 1 will end with a cliff hanger and we have to wait for a year for season 2?

I hope not THAT long 😦

Anyway, the tone of the drama is pretty laid-back, and we have a narrator who ‘tells’ us the story. It’s not bad actually, and I like the whole ‘vibe’ it gives – but I do find the narrating part a bit boring, and given that it has three seasons, I guess the pace is acceptable.

I still can’t connect to Jung Yong Hwa’s character though. Sadly, I can never connect to his characters, no matter what drama he plays in. His face looks awkward at times, and I don’t know how to describe it, but I can’t see him as a character 😦 I have to literally force myself to do so.

The Night Watchman

Hmm… still watching, and still unsure of whether it’s good or boring or weird. I don’t know? Why so complicating?

It’s Okay It’s Love

The recent episodes focused on Hae Soo’s and Jae Yeol’s growing relationship, and is it legit that I’m bored of it already??? I mean – it was interesting at first watching their interactions – but Hae Soo’s character is starting to get on my nerves.

She’s probably the representative female character, for 80% real life females on this planet. Hahahaha. Just saying. I find her a little too possessive and controlling. Yes, she doesn’t call and check on him 24/7 and doesn’t cling to him and hopes he pays for everything – but she’s….. very… I don’t know?

It’s like she expects him to pour his attention on her 24/7, but she will reject that attention when she doesn’t need it. It actually kind of pissed me off when she got angry when he told her to leave as he was writing. I mean – he’s working, leave him alone and give him space.

Anyway, the police already saw the clip of Jae Yeol fighting himself, and it’s almost time for everyone to find out.

I hope that they tone down a little on their relationship and give us more of the other characters like Soo Kwang 🙂

And kudos to him for telling Hae Soo that she was only using Choi Ho all these while and didn’t even loved him! It’s actually true.

Endless Love

SHOULD I DROP THIS??? It’s getting ridiculous by the day and I’m just so tired. First she insist on participating in another protest, then she gets gang-raped, and now she’s pregnant. WOW. THANKS. I’m hanging on for the sake of Jung Kyung Ho, but I might just drop this anytime soon.

One thought on “POV DISCUSSION: Various Currently Airing Dramas

  1. I actually feel the same way about Hae Soo in It’s Okay, It’s Love. I don’t dislike her, but she can get a little controlling. I guess she is too involved with her own phobias and issues that she doesn’t really pay attention to people around her.

    And I agree that she wants Jae Yeol’s constant attention but gets angry with him when he’s trying to get closer to her. She is expecting him to know exactly when she wants affection and when she doesn’t, which makes me really frustrated with her because Jae Yeol is already very understanding towards her as it is.

    I think it’s time for Hae Soo to realize that Jae Yeol needs more attention and support than she does, considering that he’s seeing people that don’t exist.

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