My Thoughts: Roommate Season 1

Okay – so Roommate has ended, or rather Season 1 of it has ended, and though I don’t really discuss about variety/reality shows, I just wanted to write up a bit about it.

Well, if you ask me – I would say that roommate is actually a failure. Hah. I mean – there were good stuff of course, but I can’t deny that it’s boring and 2 hours per episode is really too long. I only picked this up because I wanted to watch Chanyeol, Seo Kang Joon and Lee Dong Wook. Yes, I sat through 2 hours each episode just for my eye candies.

So what the show initially aim at was for people from different backgrounds to actually stay together and bond. It worked, well sort of.

The best takeaway from Roommate was actually knowing more about some people, and how their personality is, and of course since it is on TV, so we can’t fully trust everything we see, despite people saying it’s unscripted or whatsoever.

The biggest surprised I had though was Seho was actually quite funny, though he tends to over react at times, and he is actually quite smart. I’m not saying he doesn’t look smart – but he was smarter than I expected. Hahaha.

Seo Kang Joon, who I totally love seeing in dramas – is a total…… clueless kid. I don’t know what to say. He is so….clueless. I never would have thought. Lee Dong Wook is a total sweetheart, and he’s really good at communicating and making other people feel comfortable.

I actually enjoyed watching Park Bom, Sora and Ga Yeon and it’s so sad that they cut Bom off the show because of the scandal. She actually made the show funnier.

Nothing much to say about the others – because after all it is a show, and all that we see may not be 100% true anyway. Not saying it’s scripted, but since cameras are rolling, they might not show everything of their true personality.

The main problem with roommate is actually the time the members actually do meet each other. Some of the members are busy with schedules, and hardly have time to be there. I was and still am pretty upset at scenes being cut, and Chanyeol hardly appeared in roommate. Of course he is not the only one.

AND THEY CUT A LOT, LIKE REALLY A LOT OF SCENES 😦 I’m still upset they didn’t show more of the footage of Baekhyun visiting (due to scandal with Taeyeon), and Bom and Chanyeol’s Sherlock Holmes Episode (because of Bom’s scandal). And I’m pretty sure they cut off a lot more than that. Boo.

Anyway, I’m glad that the show has ended, and none of my eye candies are staying. Everyone is busy with their upcoming schedules, and I didn’t expect them to stay anyway. I also do not have time to spare anymore watching a boring show just for eye candies.

Probably not sticking around for season 2. The most memorable moment for me for roommate was…Chanyeol getting up from bed. HAH. SO CUTE. K bye.

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