POV DISCUSSION: Liar Game Episode 4


Can time stop at this moment?

I’m enjoying Liar Game a lot, and I think it’s a good thing that I never watched the Japanese version, because watching remakes is really a very difficult thing to do. Comparing is inevitable. I’ve gave up on Cantabile Tomorrow. It’s so bad and such a far cry from the Japanese version. Others might disagree though.

Anyway, the latest two episodes of Liar Game, was pretty toned down, but still engaging. The main problem I’m facing though, is actually wanting more OTP moments, but I know this is a remake, and the plot and story could be considered somehow, fixed – so I have to constantly remind myself not to hope for too much OTP moments.

I have no idea what it was like in the Japanese version, or the manga – and whether there was a romance, and whether it leads to somewhere, and I am so tempted to actually research so that I know what I’ll be getting, but that spoils the fun, so I’m controlling myself.

There was something that I read up though, and I think it’s either the Japanese version or the manga, that the Liar Game was actually organized by a ‘hidden community’, which basically means sort of secretive, I guess?

In this Korean version, the Liar Game is a reality show broadcast on TV. As much as I like the drama, I actually thought it would have been better if it wasn’t a reality show broadcast on television. Somehow, ‘hidden community’ sounds very mysterious and fun.

Besides, the show being aired on television itself is pretty weird, because how can the cameras be following them 24/7? I mean, yes there is a way, but it’s just feels weird. I mean, during the show, they would randomly show footage of the contestants personal lives. I don’t know how to put it in words – but reality show just gives off a weird feeling.

I do enjoy the constant mind game Woo Jin and Do Young engage in – well, sort of. Do Young is an interesting character, because I still can’t figure whether he can fool Woo Jin and make his own face unreadable, or maybe he’s a genius psychologist himself? Hahahaha.

Oh – but the main purpose of this discussion is actually to ask – if I’m the only one who is missing something?

In Episode 4, they played the minority game, and in the end, Woo Jin voted a ‘No’. So technically, for the others to win, they must all vote ‘No’ and only one should vote ‘Yes’. However, that scene was kind of weird, because they showed the two ladies giving their ‘Yes’ card to Sung Joon, and Sung Joon held his ‘No’ card and switched it to the ‘Yes’ card at the last minute.

I don’t think they wanted to tie the score again – I thought only one was supposed to vote ‘yes’ and two of them vote ‘no’, thus the person who voted ‘yes’ would win. No?

It just felt strange….. and I was wondering if I missed out something?

They even went on to revealed that the two ladies voted ‘Yes’, and they were all in suspense. I mean….. if he had voted No, it would have been a tie again. Yeah – so I’m actually kind of lost. [EDIT: Someone told me that they didn’t have a plan yet, so they wanted to buy time, thus to make it a tie. AHAHAHAHA. Okay, I understand now.]


But, oh well.


I shall just sit back and enjoy. More OTP moments please :’)

11 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Liar Game Episode 4

  1. Your blog is so helpful ^^ i have no idea what drama to watch lately, and i found you! now im starting download liar game. thanks

  2. The original Liar Game Tournament of the manga is entirely underground – it is run by a shady organisation of which little is known, but whose insidious influence seems to extend far and wide. This and the debt premise are preserved in the J-drama, which means higher stakes involved for the participants, who are desperate not to lose and shoulder heavy debt. They are scared and will do anything to ensure their survival to the next round. The mind games that Akiyama and other participants engage in are hence more thrilling – you really need to be alert at all times to be able to outsmart your opponents. The mastermind is not revealed either (no, it’s not the dealers), so that adds another layer of suspense and mystery.

    The k-remake removes these key elements, which effectively downgrades the LGT and takes the zing and fear out of it. The games lose their almost life-and-death aura and end up just being… games. A reality show is just bright lights and entertainment, which kinda begs the question: why does Dajung need a con-man like Woojin to help her win in a reality show, of all things, especially if there are no high stakes involved? What is the point of this show at all? And if you already know the mastermind, then why bother?

    There is also zero romance, but there is something very subtle between Nao and Akiyama, which is perfectly fine because when you’re playing to survive and avoid huge debts, you seriously don’t have time to think about anything else. The manga is as yet unfinished, but I do suggest you give the J-drama a try.

    And it sounds like the k-remake botched the minority game.

    1. Honestly, that sounds a lot more interesting 😦 Yup, I find it weird too about the whole reality game and they will only incur debts if they actually spend the winnings. Maybe the K-version is using a whole different approach to the whole story.

      But most likely, I might watch the J-ver after this because the whole ‘suspense’ factor is too interesting to ignore.

      I guess all those who didn’t watch the J-version, are actually enjoying the K-version to a certain extent, and those who watched the J-version, not all of them like the k-version. Hahahaha.

      But OUCH. No romance 😦 Since the K-version is alrdy different, they should make my little wish come true.

      Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂 !!!

      1. IMO, watching the J-drama first might actually give you a better idea of how the games are played out, with more suspense – the minority game, for example, was very well done. The k-remake seems to have too much filler and a pretty silly ‘debt’ premise. Besides, Lee Sang-yoon is a miscast as the Akiyama character. You’ll see what I mean if you watch the J-drama.

        1. AHAHAHA. But honestly, despite being without the ‘fear’ factor, I’m actually enjoying the drama, because to me it’s more of like something fresh and new. And I do like Lee Sang Yoon in the drama too.

          If I watch the j-ver now, it’s going to spoil everything. Hahahaha. So I would rather watch the k-ver till the end, then watch the j-ver xDDD

        2. Well, I hope you enjoy the J-drama if and when you get to it.

          Oh, I keep meaning to say this: I agree Cantabile Tomorrow is crap. It butchered the original so badly, everything from the acting and cast to the music, storyline and little details. Epic fail.

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  4. Omg I love Liar Game as well! It’s like my crack drama atm because its just so awesome and all the actors are killing it 😀 I love the games and everything but most importantly the connection between Woo Jin and Do Young tbh! I love the OTP together cause they are awesome together and contiously bounce thoughts off each other! Agree that the J-v of Nodame Cantabile rocks so didn’t bother with the K-v and I really want to watch Pride and Prejudice cause everyone is raving on about how awesome it is! What can I say, all the dramas that are now airing are just simply cracktastic and I’ve got no time for school stuff anymore! Tooo manyyy awesomee dramass!!!!r

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