FIRST IMPRESSION: Valid Love, Dr Frost, Sweden Laundry

Finally I had time to start on some new dramas which I’ve been keeping my eyes on 🙂 Managed to watch Valid Love, Dr Frost and Sweden Laundry today and I’ll just be doing a short impression post on the dramas and what I think about it.

No screencaps though.

First of all, I like all the three dramas so far. My favorite among these three is…… Valid Love 🙂 Followed by Sweden Laundry then Dr Frost.

Valid Love

I thought it would be a melodrama but it’s not exactly a melodrama, neither is it exactly a rom-com. Basically, it’s about Kim Il Ri who married her teacher Hee Tae and had an affair with Kim Joon.

However, the first two episodes showed us the backstory first – on how Il Ri and Hee Tae first met. Honestly, it was really cute and I love Il Ri’s character a lot. She’s out of this world and unpredictable.

However, you need to be open-minded while watching this though, because some find it weird. There are certain parts which just make you go ‘HUH?’ like how Il Ri runs so fast, and a huge fish out of nowhere and etc. I didn’t exactly found it weird – I thought it was what made the drama unique and enjoyable for me. And I pretty much watched a decent share of weird dramas over the years.

Anyway, I thought the writer did a great job in showing the backstory first, and the character Il Ri. It’s hard to like a character who love two guys and can’t make up her mind – but I love Il Ri already.

I just hope the drama doesn’t disappoint down the road!

Sweden Laundry

This drama reminds me of Nail Shop Paris. Basically it’s about Kim Bom who set up a laundry business and realized that she has the power to see her customers’ worries/troubles and is ‘forced’ to help them out. It’s similar to NSP in a way, that every episode has her helping one customer.

It makes me a little wary, seeing how bad NSP turned out – but I think Sweden Laundry wouldn’t do that. I’ve never seen any of the leads in anything before, and it feels kind of refreshing to see faces I don’t see so often.

There isn’t much to talk about – but so far I think it’s pretty alright and I kind of like it.

Dr Frost

I heard this is a popular manga so I was pretty interested in it. However, I didn’t realized that it would feel like I’m watching a crime drama. My fault though for not reading the drama synopsis properly.

I always welcome good crime dramas, but based on the first two episodes…. I’m not fully sold yet. It’s pretty decent, but it feels like something is missing.

And I didn’t like the twists and turns in the first two episodes. I thought it was pretty weak, and not really THAT twisty. Neither does catching the criminal. It feels a little lackluster, nothing much to shout about.

I am however interested in seeing how Dr Frost learns to feel again and interact with people around him.


Alright, that’s about it for my first impressions on these dramas! All of them are pretty decent so far 🙂

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