Halftime Report: Kill Me Heal Me Episode 14


We’re so near the end! There’s 6 more episodes to go, and I know it’s technically over half-the episode run right now for this post to be called Halftime Report, but looking at how the big reveal and mystery is finally out in the open, there wouldn’t have been a better timing to call it a halftime report.

I teared up a little at the end of Episode 14, not because it was sad. I mean it was sad, but I teared up because all those emotions built up after 14 episodes, and how the big reveal was delivered, it was just beyond perfect. There couldn’t have been any other better way for the big mystery to be revealed.

There isn’t a lot of screencaps for this post, and it’s not a recap – but there would be plenty of discussions.


So we have the mystery laid out in the open. Ri Jin is Min Seo Yeon’s child, and she was the one in the basement with Do Hyun. The one who was assaulted wasn’t Do Hyun, but Ri Jin.

Of course, this is only the tip of the ice-berg, because there is still some stuff left for us to find out. Like for example, how did Ri Jin ended up in the basement? How did her mom managed to save her from the fire? Why would Cha Joon Pyo abused Ri Jin, if he had loved his wife? What role did Grandmother played? How did the fire started?

vlcsnap-2015-02-20-00h03m22s5vlcsnap-2015-02-20-00h03m32s180vlcsnap-2015-02-20-00h03m34s199Before that, it’s nice seeing how Do Hyun finally admits he likes Ri Jin and wants to be a man to her, not just a patient. Initially, he didn’t want to have feelings for her as it would only complicate matters – but Do Hyun has been slowly growing stronger as each episode goes by, and he finally gains courage to take his relationship with Ri Jin to the next level.

vlcsnap-2015-02-20-14h05m44s163It’s really unfortunate though that as soon as he got that courage, he finally realized that the child in the basement is actually Ri Jin. Ri Jin was the child who was beaten, for his mistakes as an excuse.

vlcsnap-2015-02-20-14h06m17s228vlcsnap-2015-02-20-14h06m39s198We also find out that Ri Jin was aware all along that she was adopted. It came as a surprise, but it’s actually a good thing. Since her childhood itself is dramatic, it would have been difficult if we added on the fact that she still have to find out she wasn’t their real child. For her character to already be aware of her birth, it makes things easier.

It’s a little risky though – because Ri On never thought she knew this fact. I’m just afraid that since he is aware she knows they’re not siblings, he would try to be more than a brother to her. Seeing how the writer manages the script very well, I trust the writer. I hope that Ri On remains as a brother, nothing more nothing less. And I hope he doesn’t cross that line.

Ri On’s affection for Ri Jin is obvious and endless – but it’s not excessive. We can tell he draws the line, and respect her. He doesn’t force her not to meet Do Hyun, and even if he did initially – he did it with a brother’s justification, which any normal brother would do. He’s the best ‘fake brother’ in dramaland, and I want to remember his character that way.

Of course, I feel sad for his character because we know that his love for Ri Jin can only be in this manner and nothing more than that. It’s sad and cruel to him, but I hope at the end of this, he can finally fold his love towards Ri Jin and be happy himself. We have to give credit to Park Seo Joon for acting out Ri On so well.

vlcsnap-2015-02-20-14h05m26s235vlcsnap-2015-02-20-14h05m32s38I’m a little worried though – because Ri Jin is kidnapped by Do Hyun’s mother and how would Ri On react after finding out. He would definitely stop Do Hyun from meeting Ri Jin, and since Do Hyun is aware of the truth, he might just stay away from Ri Jin out of guilt.

Or maybe Ri On would dig deeper into what happened and try to bring down Seungjin Group? Maybe he and Do Hyun would hold hands to bring down the group and bring the truth to light.

vlcsnap-2015-02-20-14h14m26s4Not just Ri On – how would Mon & Dad react if they find out Perry is actually Do Hyun, the son of Seungjin Group? Will they be able to gather together like this again?

Now let’s talk about the mystery.

How did Ri Jin ended up in the basement? Did her mom brought her there secretly, but grandmother found out? Why does Do Hyun’s grandfather prefer his daughter-in-law over his son? Why is grandmother so obsessed with her son?

And we still don’t know if the car accident was on purpose, and how the fire started.

There are a few things which bothered me though.

Why is Ri Jin a threat to Do Hyun? There was once when grandmother, his mother and Ki Joon’s mother were talking, and his mother threatened grandmother with Ri Jin, but grandmother said that revealing that fact will only bring harm to Do Hyun instead.


I don’t think she meant it in a way about his lost memory would return, but perhaps it had to do with the company succession. Since Do Hyun’s grandfather favored his daughter-in-law, maybe he had intended Seo Yoon / Ri Jin to be the successor? But Ri Jin’s a girl though? I’m not saying that she can’t be the successor since looking at it, Min Seo Yeon must have been a better help to the company compared to Joon Pyo in grandfather’s view.

But why would Ri Jin be a threat? Her mother is dead – and she probably has no intention of taking over the company. Unless of course, they think that Ri Jin would want to takeover the company. Or there is a hidden will somewhere.

One more thing. Ri On.

I still can’t figure him out – who is Ri On?

We know Ri Jin is adopted, but what if….Ri On is also adopted? There was someone who pointed out to mom that neither Ri Jin or Ri On resembled mom or dad.

There’s also the strange fact that Ri On has some sort of six sense regarding Ri Jin. Especially when he suspected she is having a nightmare. It’s strange, and this is not even a supernatural story – so I’m just thinking…. what if… they really are twins? What if Min Seo Yeon had gave Ri On away to Mom to take care when he was a baby, and made it seem like she only had one daughter?

Okay – maybe this is a little far-fetched. I’m just thinking of the possibility.

If Ri On’s story about ‘The Child In The Basement’ is about him and Ri Jin. And his other story is about Do Hyun and Seungjin Group. What about his story about the twins? There is definitely a story about twins which he wrote, but of course it might have nothing to do with the plot and I’m just thinking too much. Hah.

Anyway – why was Ri Jin abused in the first place? It seems like Joon Pyo loved his wife, so was it because Ri Jin was another man’s child? Was Ri Jin ‘made’ after she was married, or before she was married?

Okay that’s about it about the mystery.

We’re left with 6 episodes and we still haven’t meet his other personality, Mysterious X. In fact, the other personalities don’t have much screen time and I’m actually a little sad – because I love Perry Park and would like to see more of him.

But at the end of this episode, we see that Do Hyun remembers Se Gi’s time with Ri Jin. Does that mean that Se Gi and Do Hyun is finally becoming one? Once Do Hyun remembers everything, Se Gi is no longer needed – and we see this struggle at the end of episode 14. I think Se Gi wanted to appear, to save Ri Jin, but Do Hyun is fighting with himself with his new-found memory and he wants to save Ri Jin himself.

It’s ultimately a fight with himself, on whether he really can handle the truth, and whether he can grow stronger.

We still don’t know for sure who would win – but I’m betting on Do Hyun. And I wonder if Se Gi is never appearing again. Honestly, once Do Hyun remembers everything, there is no longer a need for Se Gi. Se Gi would become Do Hyun, and Do Hyun would become Se Gi. But I still hope to see him one last time, at least to say goodbye to Ri Jin.

And if Se Gi and Do Hyun really becomes one, I think it would be interesting. Do Hyun would no longer be the gentle and meek character we initially knew, but instead, he would have the anger and strong character which Se Gi has – and that would help him to get closer to the truth and get justice on Ri Jin’s behalf.

Finally, last but not least – let us thank the writer and whoever who had a role in creating this awesome drama. There was an excellent balance between the serious parts, the mysterious parts and the humor parts. The characters are well-fleshed out, and the whole execution and the big reveal was done so perfectly – I have no complains at all.

Of course, credit not just goes to the production team, but obviously the actors as well. Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon portrayed their roles so perfectly, and even the other supporting characters too! More points for Ji Sung because nobody can deny his awesome portrayal of the different personalities and make each character unique and different.

Anyway, I find the ending of Episode 14 one of the best moments in the drama because the big reveal could have gone wrong in so many ways, but it was done so perfectly. We still have 6 more episodes left though, and hopefully, it would be just as awesome as the past 14 episodes 🙂


3 thoughts on “Halftime Report: Kill Me Heal Me Episode 14

  1. So much heart, so much emotion in this episode. GAHHHH my heart gonna burst. With so many things revealed, it just made a lot more question!

    I really love Do Hyun’s expression when he was at RiJin’s house…omo..

    I hope RiOn will arrive at the place and help Do Hyun together to save Ri Jin/ So that he know DoHyun didn’t meant this to happen.

    Actually I wish that Do Hyun picked up all the clues earlier, because having it all lump on him in this crucial moment..just..so heart wrenching and burdensome. Cut some slack for the poor man..!

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