FIRST IMPRESSION: Producer Episode 1

Finally the much talked-about drama, Producer, have aired and it received a mixed response.

I didn’t have much expectations for it after watching their first teaser, in fact, I was quite nervous for them because it seems like a whole different concept and I’m not sure how people would take it. However, there’s got a be a reason why the casts signed up for it right?

At first, I just skimmed through the episode and it looked like it was alright. However when I actually sat down to watch the whole episode, it felt like as though I sat through a 3 hour show. It felt that slow. 

I wouldn’t say it’s bad – but it just feels really slow. There’s too much talking going on the whole episode, and personally, I felt like all those talking scenes are not relevant and I’m just not interested.

At some points, I’m wondering if we’re all watching a show to study how their broadcast works – but the thing is that, most of us knows how it works. After watching countless dramas, and reading news – we know how their broadcast works and we do not need a drama to tell us that the whole episode. And we certainly do not need to know all the shows which KBS is airing.

I’m just wondering if there is going to be any proper plot at all for this drama, or is it going to be just this way – because I’m honestly already reluctant to watch the second episode. I’m still going to watch it – who knows if it would get better, and hopefully it does. If the second episode still doesn’t do it for me, most likely I won’t be watching it.

Up to date, I still find On Air the best drama about broadcasting.

But anyway, this is just my own personal opinion. Putting aside the story, the casts were great in their own role and I totally love Cha Tae Hyun. It’s as though I’m really watching Cha Tae Hyun. Hahaha.

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