FIRST IMPRESSION: Orange Marmalade Episode 1 – 2


AND YES!!!! The much awaited Orange Marmalade has aired 🙂

I was looking forward to this because it’s Yeo Jin Goo!!! Initially I was quite frustrated that the female lead was Seolhyun, because it would have felt so annoying to see such an awesome actor like Jin Goo act alongside a bad actor.

However, after watching the first two episodes – Seolhyun is not as bad as I thought she would be. She still look awkward at certain scenes, but it’s not that bad, honestly.

The biggest surprise for me was that CN Blue’s Jonghyun is actually pretty decent. I never watched anything with him before, so I didn’t know he could act. In fact, he did pretty well for the two episodes.


I still haven’t finish reading the webtoon, but it seems like the drama doesn’t follow everything from the webtoon.

Even though parts of the webtoons are not included, and certain things are different, so far I really like the drama ❤

I was really curious how they’re going to do the neck kisses, and I totally laughed my heads off during the neck kiss scene in the subway. But Yeo Jin Goo’s neck kiss scene at the end of the 2nd episode…. was…. really…. *SCREAMS* it’s definitely more sexy than a direct kiss.



I probably won’t be doing discussions/recaps or episode reviews for this till maybe the last episode. The drama is nice and good, but because I’m reading the webtoon, it would be difficult to write up any form of discussion since I know what’s going to happen (and posting means spoilers) – unless the drama strays away from the webtoon halfway through and I need to rant or something.

Anyway, nothing much to say except that this is really going to be one fun ride and I shall go and drink some tomato juice.


3 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSION: Orange Marmalade Episode 1 – 2

  1. Howdy!
    I am enjoying Orange Marmalade as well. Did you find a translated version of the web-comic? I originally looked for one but did not find it.

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