POV DISCUSSION: Warm & Cozy (1st Half Review)


Yes, it’s finally time for a first-half review of Warm & Cozy 🙂

I love this drama and it’s currently one of my favorite currently airing dramas at the moment. There’s so much to say about this drama! First of all, we all know it’s written by the Hong sisters. I have actually watched all of the dramas they have written, and by far, I love Warm & Cozy the most.

They usually have quirky lead characters and over-the-top comedy, but Warm & Cozy is so normal that I’m really surprised they wrote this. And the charm of the drama is BEING NORMAL.


I love everything. From the drama being set-up at Jeju Island. It’s such a beautiful backdrop, and just watching the drama sort of heals my soul. There’s no high rise buildings around, no traffic jams – it’s just a huge land, greenery and absolutely stunning sea view everywhere. How can anyone hate it? Every time I watched it, I wish I could live there too. Just some place quiet, with a small shop and a few people close to me. Simplicity at its best.

The characters are also endearing. I love Baek Gun Woo – he’s immature at times, but he has a good heart. He’s always helpful and kind, but not in an excessive way. Sometimes, he would still do things without thinking much, and I like that part of him – because he feels real. Lee Jung Joo is straight-forward, simple and direct and I love her so much!

Honestly speaking, Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora don’t really have much of a hot sizzling chemistry – but their characters feels very homey, and watching their characters developing a friendship and getting close is just sweet and warm. It’s not that they can’t have a hot chemistry, but I think the drama is written in a way so that the characters feel more homey and warm, rather than sizzling hot. And I like this a lot.

It also seems that the quirky character goes to Lee Sung Jae as Song Jung Geum and Kim Sung Oh as the Mayor. I like how the lead characters don’t have the weird and exaggerated characters, but it’s the supporting casts. However, it is still toned-down compared to the previous characters of a Hong Sisters’ drama.

Song Jung Geum is hilarious when faced with Kim Hae Shil, but when he gets all serious, he is charismatic. When he directly turned down Ji Won, I screamed internally. I also love the fact how both Jung Geum and Hee Ra still treat Gun Woo as their sibling. We all know their family tree is complicating, but YAY to no sibling discord.

Mok Ji Won is irritating – but bearable since none of the guys actually follow her blindly. Jung Geum has a good impression of Jung Joo, and Gun Woo knows Ji Won very well – he lets her string him along, but not because he doesn’t know, but because he wants to. Now that he knows his heart likes Jung Joo – I can’t wait for him to shove Ji Won aside. Boo to you girl for trying to get all of the man to your side.

But putting aside all these sweet and warm moments, I feel like it’s the calm before the storm. There is still a big mystery behind Gun Woo and Jung Joo’s real parents. We don’t know who is Jung Joo’s mother and we don’t know who is Gun Woo’s dad.

However, it seems that Hae Shil’s husband who died when she was nineteen might be Gun Woo’s real dad. But what about Jung Joo’s real mother? Jung Joo brought a picture of Gun Woo’s mom and a guy, thinking that she is her mother. But how did Jung Joo got hold of that picture in the first place?

What if…. Hae Shil is Jung Joo’s real mother O.o ????? No right…. eyyyyy…..

Anyway, it’s confusing and it’s keeping me on my toes because everything beautiful thus far, might just come down crumbling if the 2nd half reveal is not done right. I hope the drama doesn’t take a drastic emotional turn and remain warm and cozy just like it is now ❤

But for now, I shall just enjoy Jung Joo and Gun Woo couple moments!!!! There will be couple moments right??!!!


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