FINAL REVIEW: School 2015, Who Are You.

Okay, School 2015 has ended and it’s time for a final review. Maybe I shouldn’t have done the Mid-Review, because most of the things I want to say remains the same, but nonetheless, I’m still going to do the final review.

First of all, it has been a nice journey watching the drama, though it had moments where I was frustrated or irritated with, it was still nice to watch. It’s going to be a pretty much long post and I’m going discuss about a few things.

Let’s slowly talk about the plot, the ending, the characters and the actors 🙂

The Plot, Characters & The Ending

I heard quite a number of people were upset at the ending, but honestly, it wasn’t that surprising. As much as majority probably shipped Tae Kwang and Eun Bi, we all know deep down Eun Bi never liked or view Tae Kwang in any other way except for a friend.

So to me, it wasn’t a very unexpected ending. I was a little sad that Tae Kwang didn’t get the girl – but hey, they’re 18 and just because Yi An and Eun Bi got together, it doesn’t mean they’ll stay together till old. Just like how the female teacher told the classroom couple that they would break up once they go to college, or even if they don’t go.

So basically, to console ourselves, we should just think that ‘it’s okay, they’re only dating now. They’re young and passionate.’ I’m pretty sure we all can relate to the time when we were young teenagers. Once you become an adult, everything is a little different.

As for the plot itself, I still think that it was considerably messy and unfocused.

I think that the drama was trying to do too much and as a result, the drama was pretty much average and fall behind the School series. I’ve never watched the other School series except for 2013 so I might be too quick with this judgement, but comparing 2013 and 2015, I would choose 2013 with no hesitation.

While watching 2013, it was sad that there were no lovelines, but it managed to do the story right. There was bromance, and it was overall very heart-warming and exciting. 2015 had the lovelines, but there was no bromance and very little focus on side characters. I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds.

As much as I enjoyed the loveline in School 2015, I would have to say that it was pretty excessive, given that there wasn’t enough story besides the loveline. The Kang So Young and Lee Eun Bi story was pretty much what I wanted, but honestly the drama didn’t live up to my expectations for it.

So Young and Eun Bi moments were very random and not frequent enough throughout the episodes, it makes me feel as though So Young is only a plot device to make the lovelines work. Same thing goes with the Soo In mystery. It feels like a plot device to make us feel suspense and mystery behind Eun Byul’s disappearance but when the truth came out – it was flat.

There was also Shi Jin and Song Joo. I wished drama had focused more on them. Remember where Song Joo was all awkward at her first shoot? I wanted to see more of her overcoming that. And honestly, didn’t Song Joo have a crush on Yi An earlier on??? I also wished we had more of Shi Jin moments.

While watching the last two episodes, and seeing Yi An worried about Tae Kwang, I wished that this would have happened faster and earlier on. Maybe we could have a bromance and a proper romance between Yi An and Eun Bi.

I just think that the drama wasted too much time on the unnecessary when it could have been progressing much faster and developing more story. Imagine if Yi An confessed to Eun Bi earlier, and we could actually see cute scenes and exchanges between them to make us ship them too – but too bad.

Yi An was pretty much a bland character – and I guess it’s hard to understand why Eun Bi liked him in the first place, or why he suddenly likes Eun Bi and not Eun Byul – but I guess there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.

Basically, there were a lot of things I wished School 2015 would have done, but sadly it didn’t happen. It was still pretty okay, and I don’t really regret picking it up because Tae Kwang is precious.

The Actors

Let’s give a round of applause to all the actors! I think Kim So Hyun did an awesome job in portraying both Eun Bi and Eun Byul, and I’m just so happy that she gets a lead role with lots of screentime 🙂 Girl is all grown up now

As for Jo Soo Hyang, it was my first time seeing her in anything – seems like this drama is also her first drama and she did an amazing job as Kang So Young. She was the perfect villain to hate and curse at. As much as I hated her character, I loved her portrayal and you really got to give this girl credit for it. She was awesome.

Lee Pil Mo was so wasted in this drama. I wished he could have done more because he’s awesome. Drama didn’t do him justice.

My biggest disappointment was with Nam Joo Hyuk. Part of the reason why I even started this drama was because I wanted to watch him, but his performance here was nothing to shout about. It’s sad because he was so adorable in Surplus Princess. But lets remind ourselves it’s only his second drama and not entirely his fault since his character was written in a bland way.

I just hope he continues trying on different dramas, and I do want to see him again in another drama because I know he can be awesome and swoon worthy ❤

The biggest surprise was Yook Sung Jae. I really thought he was bad at acting (while watching Plus Nine Boys), and I didn’t really like him. However, he totally rocked the role as Gong Tae Kwang, and I wondered if he was the same person who acted in PNB. Well, now we know he has amazing potential – and he probably can go far, as long as he pick the right roles. I guess it would be the same for everyone else too.

Anyway I will be looking forward to see his next acting project 🙂

So to end my final review, I would say overall, it was nice watching. Though I’m not entirely happy about the whole plot, it was really nice watching it though, thanks to all the swoon-worthy moments and Eun Byul putting So Young in her place-moments ❤

Now that the drama is over, let’s welcome… *drumrolls* I Remember You. WOOHOOO I’M SO EXCITED.

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