This post is long overdue! I wanted to talk about Mask since I started it, but I didn’t have time to write up. Anyways, as of now, I’ve watched up till episode 8 so there might be spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched it till the latest episode yet.

Mask is my new love and holds the #1 position in my heart right now for currently airing dramas.

Everything about this drama has been amazing thus far, and I think we really need to keep a lookout for screenwriter Choi Ho Chul. The same scriptwriter wrote Secret Love, which was also one of my all-time favorite drama.

So let’s do a short summary of the drama thus far.

Byun Ji Sook was almost killed in an accident, but was saved by Min Suk Hoon in exchange for her identity. She got married to Choi Min Woo under the name of Seo Eun Ha.

The real Seo Eun Ha died in the hospital, after falling into the swimming pool. However, we also know that she was drugged during the meal between her and Min Woo.

The question is who would have drugged her? I doubt it’s Suk Hoon because he needed her, and was in a relationship with her. I don’t think it’s Mi Yun either. Most likely, it might have been Mrs Song (Mi Yun’s mother) since she smirked when the video was deleted and when Min Woo was confused.

vlcsnap-2015-06-22-08h36m32s497vlcsnap-2015-06-22-08h36m30s148But anyway, looking at the progress of the drama so far – Min Woo has fallen for Ji Sook. Ji Sook clearly don’t have any ill feelings towards Min Woo, but I don’t think she is fully in love with Min Woo yet. The biggest question mark is whether Suk Hoon has fallen for her?

I don’t think Suk Hoon has fallen for Ji Sook, but I do agree that he might be jealous, looking at his reaction watching them on video. But why would he be jealous? Honestly, I don’t see any reason why he would fall for Ji Sook, as they clearly have a dysfunctional relationship. If there was going to be any feelings, it would have been hatred or something similar since looking at Ji Sook would remind him of Seo Eun Ha, who he ‘loved’.

But then again, even though he and Seo Eun Ha were in a relationship, I don’t feel like he loves her either. There might have been good feelings, but who would send the woman he loves into a marriage? Even if it was a plan, it would have been difficult to do so. Not just that, when Eun Ha died, he threw her body into the sea where Ji Sook supposedly should have died. It seem somehow cold of him to do so – even though he had to do it to perfectly make Ji Sook ‘dead’.

However, if Suk Hoon really falls for Ji Sook, I do think it would be interesting. Or even if Suk Hoon really falls for his wife. I do pity Mi Yun because even though she knows Suk Hoon is not loyal, she pretends not to because she doesn’t want to divorce him.

Anyway, Suk Hoon killed Kim Jung Tae, and is he planning to frame the murder on Ji Hyuk??? I really hope that doesn’t happen and Ji Sook manages to stop Ji Hyuk in time.

Okay, let’s side-track a bit – remember that in the earlier episodes, Min Woo was drugged? That seems to be one of the reason why he’s hallucinates and was unstable. I was just wondering what happened to that? Did they stop drugging him altogether?

Okay that’s about it about the story.

I love how the story is progressing so far and I can’t wait for more episodes

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