[Quick Discussion] Oh My Ghost

My newfound love! I absolutely love Oh My Ghost and each episode has been nothing short of amazing so far 🙂

We’re only at the 6th episode, and there’s just so much to say about it. Of course, it doesn’t mean the drama is flawless so far – there’s still some confusion at times – but shall not nitpick so much about it because the drama is good.

Basically the story is about a wandering ghost Shin Soon Ae (played by Kim Seul Gi) who wants to fulfill her wish of sleeping with a man before she “goes over to the other side.” She ends up possessing Na Bong Soon’s (played by Park Bo Young) body.

I love both the female characters. The sassy Soon Ae, who is quick witted and straight forward as well as the meek Bong Soon. We really got to give it hands down to Park Bo Young for perfectly portraying both Soon Ae and Bong Soon. Kim Seul Gi is great as well of course.

Even Jo Jung Suk is great in his role and I’m happy that he got himself a really solid character 🙂

Anyway, because the drama has only aired 6 episodes, there is a lot more I’m expecting and hopefully the drama won’t disappoint!

As of now, the biggest mystery is who is Sung Jae? Seo Bing Goo said while looking at the picture that even though it’s the same person, it feels like two different person. When she was reading the fortune, she also mentioned that Sung Jae is all alone.

Could it be that a ghost had possessed Sung Jae’s body and it’s a perfect fit just like Soon Ae in Boon Soon’s body? However, the ghost cannot come out of the body – or maybe he decided to just stay?

But if it was a ghost, how is it that Soon Ae couldn’t sense it? Soon Ae could sense when there was another female ghost in a human’s body in the sauna – and vice versa, so how is it that she won’t be able to sense it?

There is also the question on how Soon Ae died, and if Sung Jae had something to do with it.

Putting all of that aside, I’m really happy that Bong Soon came back to her own body. As much as I love Sassy Bong Soon (who is actually Soon Ae), we need Sun Woo to actually fall for the right person.

And some people might find Bong Soon infuriating as she is always saying sorry but I actually like that part of her. It only means there’s more character development to come, and that’s a great thing.

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