Yongpal is such a huge surprise, because I wasn’t even keen to watch it in the first place. The teasers and synopsis didn’t excite me at all and I was not really ready to see Joo Won in yet another doctor role. Anyway, I checked it out and it exceeded my expectations and it’s so much fun!

I’ve never had this much fun watching a drama, especially even more so for the first two episodes, in a long while! Everything about the first two episodes is awesome. The episodes were fast-paced, interesting, packed and we got a whole lot of interesting characters here. It’s pretty solid and I’m happy 🙂

I hope the future episodes maintain this kind of pace and with lots of interesting stuff. I don’t know how the drama does it, but it really feels so satisfying to get so much out of the first two episodes!

I’m already curious about a couple of things – about whether Han Do Joon is keeping Han Yeo Jin alive – or keeping her in a coma. From what we’ve seen, it looks like Yeo Jin keeps trying to kill herself after that unfortunate incident, but we also hear that she ‘calls’ him a devil.


And who were the people chasing her car? Was it from her side or her partner’s side? Initially I thought the people were chasing the guy in the car with her – but after hearing her call out her brother as a devil, maybe the one who chased them were sent by her brother, or if not, maybe her family – since we all know she’s from a rich family.

And we also know that there must be some group succession – seems that some shareholders wants to visit Yeo Jin – but Do Joon indirectly blocks them. So basically, Yeo Jin is lying in a secret room (which is very cool by the way), with no contact with others.

My question is whether Do Joon is actually purposely making Yeo Jin a patient – like maybe putting her into a coma, instead of letting her wake up and regain her senses. But that is just my assumption for now. Maybe I’m just thinking too much – maybe he’s really trying to keep her alive if she is really suicidal.

But anyway, that was really a good solid first two episodes, and a bunch of interesting characters – and I’m looking forward for more!

I would like to discuss more on the characters but I shall leave that for next week!

Till next time 🙂

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