POV DISCUSSION: Moon River (Ming Ruo Xiao Xi) Episode 1 – 10


I was browsing the net and I came across Taiwan drama, Moon River – or known as Ming Ruo Xiao Xi and I’m hooked. It was cringe-worthy at first and the set-up of the drama is similar to Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers – but it’s different and unique in its own way.

Its funny how I’m still watching a couple of k-dramas but lately nothing has actually made me want to write about it (except for She Was Pretty). However, as I watched this, I had the urge to write about it. I guess my inner fangirl is screaming.

The plot isn’t exactly something new to dramaland – it’s something that we all know but overall there are slight differences which is also what makes the drama stand out for me.


So basically, the story is about a village girl who is also really good at martial arts goes to the city to study. The school is not just an ordinary school – but basically a school with rich kids. And in that school, there are 3 guys and a ‘princess’ who you would never want to offend.

Sounds familiar right?

So Ming Xiao Xi transferred school and on the very first day, she offended the Elite Club (which is the most prestige club in the school). That was enough for people to hate on her and they wanted her expelled. Mu Liu Bing, the president of the club, however seems to think otherwise, despite not showing it.


Meet Princess Sha Sha. YES HER FRIENDS (or lackey) call her that. Her dad is a director and basically she the richest and her dad holds the most power.

This is where the complication comes in. Sha Sha, Liu Bing, Jian Che (2nd male lead), Hao Nan and Hao Xue grew up together. Sha Sha likes Liu Bing – and her dad wants him to get together with his daughter as well as Liu Bing is intelligent. He wants him and Sha Sha to lead his company or the group – whatever you call it.

Liu Bing doesn’t want this. It’s not whether he likes or does not like Sha Sha – but things are more complicated on his side. He has a grudge against his father, and they are not on good terms. His father insist on him dating or flattering Sha Sha – but that is the last thing Liu Bing wants to do.


So he gets involved with Xiao Xi on purpose, much to Sha Sha’s dismay.


They end up living together, in the same room because of an earlier promise Xiao Xi made to Liu Bing – and this was also Liu Bing’s plan to show Sha Sha, her dad and his dad that he is not afraid and he will not surrender to power.

Okay – let me clarify this first. Xiao Xi is aware that Liu Bing is doing these to get Sha Sha angry on purpose.

Sha Sha dates Hao Nan after Liu Bing ‘confesses’ to Xiao Xi that he likes her and kisses her. vlcsnap-2015-10-01-08h35m05s238vlcsnap-2015-10-01-08h35m03s656

So basically that’s how the story goes so far.

It sounds so familiar right?

We have the rich kids, we have the bullying, we have the ‘pretend-to-like’ the new girl.

BUT! The characters are different. The main guy is not exactly an arrogant and evil dude. In fact, he is just cold towards others and doesn’t always speak his mind. He might be using Xiao Xi, but because Xiao Xi knows – it doesn’t feel that bad.

The best part about the drama and the major difference is that Xiao Xi is strong enough to stand on her own. She knows martial arts so no one actually tries to get a physical fight with her – and when people look down on her, she is strong enough to stand tall by herself.

I love this aspect of the character because I can’t tell you how much I hate female characters who cannot do anything by themselves and needs the man to protect them. *yawns* boring.

vlcsnap-2015-10-01-08h28m51s960That’s Jian Che – the second male lead. His character is nice and friendly (okay maybe friendly only to those he knows?). He doesn’t speak much. He is attracted to Xiao Xi – but hold your horses – nothing has happened yet in a romantic way between any of the characters so no tension and conflict yet.


Anyway, Liu Bing is definitely slowly falling for Xiao Xi and Jian Che probably knows it too.


Despite all of these, the three guys are still good friends – which is something I appreciate, because please guys – don’t let a girl spoil your friendship.

I really like Hao Nan’s character. He’s straight-forward and doesn’t keep things to himself, unlike Liu Bing or Jian Che. He likes Sha Sha and is always by her side, despite knowing very well that Sha Sha likes Liu Bing. He also doesn’t force Sha Sha to like him or to notice him in any way. He might be a little rude with his words – but I always thought that he meant no harm. He’s just very simple.

And I’m sad that Sha Sha is actually using him and his feelings for her. When Sha Sha asked Hao Nan to kiss her – he rejects her initially and tells her that she would regret kissing a person she doesn’t love – but he still end up kissing her anyway.

He knows she is using him – but he still goes along, because he likes her. And its amazing that he isn’t an evil character who gets back at Liu Bing or anything like that – because most dramas would probably make him into someone bad. So thankful he isn’t – so please don’t go there drama.

So that’s about it so far. I think there’s a total of 29 episodes – and I personally think that these 10 episodes were done just right. The pacing is good – and nothing moves too fast. Despite them staying together, the romantic relationship has not started yet. I can’t wait to see when Liu Bing and Xiao Xi realize that they are falling for each other – and how the others would react.

I’m expecting tension between Jian Che and Liu Bing – but hopefully, the three friends including Hao Nan will not fight each other 😦 They can argue – but I hope they still remain good friends.

Oh – one thing though. The acting in the drama is kind of mediocre – but I guess the character grows on you so the acting didn’t bother me so much after a few episodes 🙂

2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Moon River (Ming Ruo Xiao Xi) Episode 1 – 10

  1. The next episodes (chinese version) are so good and sweet, you will like it. No spoilers but expect some things that you want to see happening ^^ (sorry for my bad english, i’m french).
    Anyway, your blog is pretty good, keep it this way 🙂

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