POV DISCUSSION: She Was Pretty Episode 7 & 8


It’s weird how quickly I lose interest in dramas recently – it seems like there’s nothing which simply blows me away from start to finish anymore 😦

I still love She Was Pretty, I really do – but there’s just something about it which doesn’t make me love it a 100%. I can’t give an exact reason why – but there are certain things which I do find bothering. For example, how I personally feel that the comedy in the drama sometimes is too excessive and how the story doesn’t flow smoothly together with the comedy.

I didn’t feel this way when I started it – but I’m starting to feel it. Like for example when Hye Jin and Sung Joon went on a trip, he forgot his wallet and the lady got them to do some manual labor to make up for it. I understand that it’s sort of a plot device – for Sung Joon to actually get along with Hye Jin and realize she is not as bad as he thinks.

But am I the only one who feels that the drama is taking a short cut? They just dump the two characters together, do some manual labor, play some games and chit chat, and he is supposed to have fallen for her.

Of course, we know that she has been on his mind ever since the beginning but there’s simply no reason why she’s on his mind, besides the fact that she shares the same name and gives off the same vibes as his memory of his first love. I want to see and feel them getting closer and to feel Sung Joon’s change of heart. I don’t want the drama to just show me he had a change of heart and I’m just supposed to be convinced he did.

Right now – it’s the same thing. Hye Jin bothers him as she reminds him so much of the Hye Jin he knew when he was a child and he is trying his best not to think that way because he believes the Hye Jin in front of him is the real Hye Jin (because of the puzzle piece).

Which brings me back to the same point – is there any other reason he likes Hye Jin besides the fact that he gets along with her (like they did during childhood) and that she reminds him of his first love?

vlcsnap-2015-10-12-16h48m48s212Putting this aside, I really can’t relate to Sung Joon’s character. His character is just weird. We’re already 8 episodes in and I think we should understand his character by now and why he acts the way he does.

For example – why he can’t hear others when concentrating (which only happens when the drama needs it), or why we don’t see him eating so much (this one we can guess why), why he doesn’t really talk/communicate with others besides talking about work, or why he seems so cold to others but so friendly and even jokes around with Ha Ri. I want to know the real Sung Joon – the Sung Joon hidden behind whatever mask he is putting on.

Before that happens, I think it will continue being hard for me to understand his character.

But anyway, I still like the drama a lot and I do hope that it gets better somehow.


On a side note, does anyone know where exactly is this? IT’S SO PRETTY!!!!

9 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: She Was Pretty Episode 7 & 8

  1. Omg… someone who ahares exactly the same opinion. I am really unmotivated to write these recaps because most of the points you pointed out are is what i find issues with as well. At first, i mentioned that hye jin had no.personality, but it seems like i stated wrong when ep 7 and 8 aired. If i recount how many eye rolls and come ons i said watching the drama i would have saved about $500….it is begining to settlenfor cliches that are not welcoming….

  2. I agree with you mostly on two aspects. One why the writer just made them go together on a trip and all of a sudden Sung Joon has a change of heart after spending a few hours with Hye Jin. And second, why the writer is still not explaining the stuff behind Sung Joon as a character – as you mentioned: why he doesn’t hear others when’s concentrating or he’s change of ‘personality’ whenever he is with “Hye Jin” (Ha Ri) and when he is with his co-workers. I find him disgraceful the way he considers his co-workers as incompetent beings and acting as if he is always the only one working.

    1. Yup totally. Like even if he wants to bring out the best in them, i’m sure that there is a better way besides screaming at them and calling them names.

  3. They have two episodes to come up with something that will make me care for Sung joon. If not, i will write off the drama as a sigh but still watch it just cuz of the random laughs…i need more from Hari for me to care about her desperation, i need more from shin hyuk because if i find out that the mystery behind him is his dead dog or he is Rara’s nephew…ahhhh idk what i will do. Hehe….we need something different and i hope the writers have not lost their vision…

  4. I love your blog you cover most of my favorite dramas! Plus you always seem to cover things I missed or didn’t understand. Your reviews are amazing and go further than “I like this drama because” *dot dot dot*

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