FIRST IMPRESSION: Descendants of the Sun


And the much awaited DOTS finally aired! I waited so long for this just to see Song Joong Ki! The drama screen missed him dearly!

With so much expectations and excitement for this, after watching the first two episodes, I did liked it but I’m wary of a few things as well.

But overall, it was a great first two episodes. I could watch Joong Ki in anything all day long ❤


I liked the military scenes, especially the one Joong Ki and the Caucasian who was also from the special forces fight it out to test each other’s skills. Interesting.

And of course the never ending flirting scenes of Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo.

It feels great to see Joong Ki back on screen, and I totally love this character of him. He’s straight-forward and confident, and it doesn’t come across as an arrogant guy at all! It’s a little hard finding these kind of male characters in dramaland, don’t you think?

Usually, if the guy is direct and confident, they have a nasty temper or arrogant attitude. I’m so sick of that. But this character is different.

He’s oddly charming and attractive. He’s so clear when he likes someone, he speaks without mincing his words, he knows he’s good-looking and all that but yet doesn’t look down on others as beneath him.

I liked the part when both him and Hye Gyo decided to stop seeing each other at the coffee shop, because both of them hold very different professions. They parted on such calm terms, and I really liked that part of him. He understood her and just respected her reason without asking for anything more. So cool.

Song Hye Gyo is great on her own too. I was afraid that her character would be the damsel in distress kind, but it doesn’t seem so, so hopefully, she remains as spunky and confident as she is now.

Both of their characters match pretty well, too bad their professions are on the opposite end.

I don’t really understand though if it’s really something to “break up” over with, but that’s a difficult thing to say because I’ll never understand as I’m neither a soldier or a doctor.

I mean I guess you’ll only understand if you really are a doctor, or a soldier. But I understand where Joong Ki is coming from though.

He follow orders, as a soldier. When asked by Hye Gyo if those he killed are bad guys, he didn’t answer to that question.

Why? – because they are not necessarily bad guys. They too are just following orders of their side and fighting for their own country. So technically, those he killed are not necessarily bad guys, but he’s required to do so to maintain the peace.

Your principles and ideals as a human are no longer important – as a soldier, you follow orders and you believe that what you’re doing is something you have to do, to maintain the peace.

From Hye Gyo’s side, well since she’s a doctor, saving lives is what she do. I need a little more time on her character. I think we need to see her saving a ‘bad guy’ before I’m fully on the boat that she saves everyone, irregardless of their background.

I’m talking too much about them, right?


Okay let’s move on!

I love Dae Young! I think he’s pretty attractive too, and we haven’t seen much of Myeong Joo, so I shall leave her for next time.

I’m actually more interested in their love story though.

So it seems she has been trying to talk to him, but he has been avoiding her. She’s of a higher rank and her father seems to be of a high rank too. Is that why he left her?

I’m curious as to why he left her, whether her father told him to do so (hopefully not, because that is so… *roll eyes*), or whether he feels he’s not good enough (which I doubt so, but we never know).

Myeong Joo will be dispatched to where Joong Ki and Dae Young is, so hopefully we get to see more of them and their story!

Putting the story itself aside, someone please stop whoever who is adding music to the drama. This happened with Heirs, and I really don’t want the same thing in DOTS.

The music has got to stop.

The OST are nice, no doubt, but no – we do not need it in every scene. The tracks are supposed to be a nice, comfortable accompaniment to scenes, but it never should feel out of place.

I mean stop forcing us “the first love moment”, or the dramatic parting by adding the OST. We can feel it too, without the music, so stop.

I find the OST sometimes so distracting in certain scenes, and it puts me off. It takes away the charm of that scene itself, and the scene is overshadowed by the music, it’s sort of annoying.

Too much of anything is a bad thing, so I hope they tone down a little on that.

Oh and this aside, I really had to say this but there were more than one cringe moment. the lines do get a little cheesy at certain points and I can’t help but cringe at those scenes. I’m not exactly a very romantic person, so maybe it’s just me….

Anyway, definitely am excited for more and I can’t wait ❤ (I will use Joongki and Hye Gyo’s character name from Episode 3 onward)


3 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSION: Descendants of the Sun

  1. We have very similar take on the first two episodes, from Joong-ki and Hye-kyo’s characterizations (i have yet to remember their character names!) to their flirting and ‘parting’ scenes to the randomly inserted BGM. I find them not as intrusive as those in Heirs but they do need to resist not to put score on every possible scene.

    I’ve waited so long for this drama to air and i may still see it to the end for Song Joong-ki alone even if all else fails. I like how charming and likeable his character is, and even though he looks a bit uppity in the last scene, he seems to revert back to his cheeky self in the next episode. Can’t wait too! =)

    1. I know right? It’s so hard to call joong ki and hye gyo by their character names xD and yes i would still stick arnd for joong ki alone ❤

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