FIRST IMPRESSION: Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi

vlcsnap-2016-03-22-00h28m53s821Woohoo new drama alert! There’s actually a couple of new dramas right now – but I don’t really have the time to review them yet. Maybe later in the future…

Anyway, nice nice nice! I love the first two episodes and it has been so long since Lee Yo Won did a drama! The promotions for the drama were pretty low key I think because I had no idea this drama was coming along until last week. Or maybe I just didn’t read the news.

So far so good. The drama moved along fast and we learn about our characters and have a clear understanding about the personalities of our characters.

Ok Da Jung is rumored to have a nasty temper and has a bad reputation. However after watching the first two episodes, I wouldn’t exactly say that she has a nasty temper. Okay maybe a little temper – but she does not exactly get angry for no reason.

She stands for herself and does things according to her principles and beliefs, without bending to pressure and society. She’s maybe more towards a little inflexible, stubborn or strong headed?

Nam Jung Gi on the other hand is completely opposite. He has a great tolerance and holds in his emotions. He comes across as a nice guy, probably too nice, and people take his kindness for granted. He can also be viewed as timid and a coward.

His character is a bit on the complicating side – because initially, we see his character stating that he is not a coward, but he dislikes confrontation.

I think most of us can relate to this in a way. Sometimes, confronting people takes a lot of effort. It drains the energy out of you and sometimes it is just easier to go along with the flow.

Sometimes it’s easier to give way or to do things yourself and not confront others. Even in society right now, there are still a lot of people who dislike confrontations and would rather keep things peaceful and would ‘bend’ when needed.

But the problem is where is he supposed to draw the line?

It seems like his character convinces himself that he is not a coward but just dislikes confrontations- but how true is that? He’s actually lying to himself, as if in a state of delusion, and someone needs to knock some sense into him which is where Ms Temper comes in.

There’s nothing wrong with avoiding confrontations, but you have to also know when to stand up for yourself, especially so when if affects you greatly. If you don’t fight for yourself, no one else will – and though a little harsh, what Da Jung said to Jung Gi is true.

About how he shouldn’t put the blame on others when he didn’t do anything. Jung Gi doesn’t do anything, because he believes that nothing would change as that is how society works and doing something means he’s risking his job.

vlcsnap-2016-03-22-00h28m24s502But probably in Da Jung’s point of view, if you think it was wrong, you should have done something instead of just accepting it.

I totally understand where Da Jung is coming from. It’s about how important something is to you and how far would you go to protect that?

Like for example, if he really hated the idea of selling his creation, he should have fought for it. Even if nothing changed in the end, or even if he loses his job – if you don’t do anything, how do you know it won’t work?

But of course, I totally relate with Jung Gi too. With heavy responsibilities, it’s difficult to take such a huge risk. You really need tons of courage.

And this is why I love the drama ❤ I love their opposite personalities and I’m excited about how the characters would influence each other going forward and all their funny interactions.

Hopefully this will be good!

3 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSION: Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi

  1. I like your observation with the characters… yess… in this society it’s easier to be like Jung Gi.. just go with the flow without taking risk.
    Dajung lives by herself, no one she has to feed , meanwhile Jung Gi has a father, a son, and a brother who need him. So.. yeah maybe he doesn’t wanna take a risk.
    But well, their character will develop soon.. let’s see Dajung loos a little of her temper and Jung Gi learns to be tough like Dajung

  2. your characterization was spot on for the main characters. wonderful Drama entertaining and real. Some scenes were cringe worthy because you recognize that the situations are plausible and hope you would definitely have a backbone to stand up in situations where your principles are being compromised. Loved it and a lot of teaching moments without being preachy.

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