POV DISCUSSION: Mirror of The Witch Ep 1 – 6

I absolutely loved the first two episodes! I waited this long to actually write up a post because I wanted to watch a little bit more before posting my opinions as we all know how some dramas turn out rather differently after the initial episodes.

Anyway, six episodes in and yes I still love it!

I love the fact that it’s a fantasy sageuk and isn’t set in actual history. As much as I love traditional sageuks based on history, it’s actually nice to have those with fictional royals because we don’t know what’s in store.


I know this might sound like I have a prejudice, but personally, I think korean dramas generally do not have a lot of fantasy dramas and when they do, they don’t really turn out very good.

Unlike c-dramas which has tons of wuxia dramas with a lot of fantasy elements, korean dramas are not really a match compared to them.

But of course, both c-dramas and k-dramas are very different, it’s not fair to compare them. And is it just me thinking too much, or do koreans do not really have a thing for fantasy dramas?

Anyway, let’s get back to topic.

Mirror of the Witch is awesome. I love the whole fantasy element – it sets the drama apart from many of the korean sageuks I’ve watched.

I was worried about Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Shi Yoon because of their age gap but boy oh boy was I worried for nothing!

vlcsnap-2016-06-01-13h57m56s572Their chemistry is great! Even Kwak Si Yang and Kim Sae Ron looks good and not out of place at all.

First of all – I love how the initial episodes sets the backstory. How Kim Sae Ron was born with a curse and hidden deep in the forest.

She unknowingly activates the curse on her 17th birthday, just because of a simple wish to see the outside world for once – and that small little wish changes everything.

The moment when the curse was activated, I was blown away. It was a great scene! Too many people died.

Anyway let’s put that aside.

So basically there are quite a number of things going on in the drama. First of all, in the palace, we have the Queen, the King and the Shamaness Hong Joo. The King and Queen aren’t on good terms and the Queen who seek the help from Hong Joo initially to get pregnant is no longer on the same side, as she finds out Yeon Hee is still alive.

Yeon Hee was born with a curse – anyone who loves her will die, and those she love will die. And also apparently, as long as she is alive, her twin brother will die.

However, we also see that as long she was within her hidden area with talismans, it seems like her presence is hidden from the world, and the people who should be affected are well.

Besides Yeon Hee and the palace, we also have Heo Joon (Yoon Si Yoon) an illegitimate child whose mother was a slave and father a noble. His mother died in a fire while trying to run away from slavery together with Joon.

His step brother, Heo Ok, who fought with Joon’s mother, left her in the fire while running away.

Joon slowly plans his revenge but he fails putting Heo Ok behind bars despite having evidence. Instead the tables are turned and he is made a suspect of a murder.

As he is on the run, Poong Yeon chases after him, and Yeon Hee who is nearby hears her brother’s bell. She runs out of her hidden area and activates the curse again.

I need the next episode now.

Anyway that’s what happened so far in 6 episodes.

There are a lot of things I am curious about.

I felt really sad during this part when Poong Yeon fails to recognize Yeon Hee and chases her away calling her a foul creature.

Is it not possible for Yeon Hee and Poong Yeon to meet again in the outside world until she breaks her curse 😦 As long as she is outside, he will be affected by the curse.

But let’s say he no longer loves her, will he still be affected by the curse? Of course, there is also another possibility, like he could also go into Yeon Hee’s hidden area.

New characters! Is Do Hee sticking around for good? I actually like her presence a lot. Our Joon needs more people around him.

And YAY to Yeon Hee learning to use her powers already. Basically there was a 5 year time gap – and as we can see, she had learned to control and use her powers.

So cool.

But who saved Yo Gwang?

Everyone actually died protecting Yeon Hee – but after Yeon Hee fell into the lake, we saw someone putting a talisman on Yo Gwang’s body and carrying him away.

So basically someone saved him, right?

And how did Yeon Hee get to her new hidden area, the place where the curse can be broken? How did Yo Gwang find her?

There must be someone else in the story…

And if he is alive, are the others alive too? I know her dad is unconscious with Hong Joo, and might be waking up anytime soon – but what about the others who died?

I guess we’ll find out as we watch more!

So basically, I love the drama a lot – especially the fantasy elements. It’s just so different and unique, it feels great watching something else rather than normal historical dramas.

And of course the story, the casts and everything else makes the drama so great ❤

Hopefully it remains this way till the end!!! ❤vlcsnap-2016-06-01-13h56m17s300

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