FIRST IMPRESSION: Beautiful Mind Ep 1 & 2

vlcsnap-2016-06-23-00h20m37s652YESSSSSS! Beautiful Mind was awesome!

I was looking forward for this and the drama certainly exceeded my expectation! It was such an awesome first two episodes!

A murder – and conspiracy in a hospital. How interesting.

All the characters stood out in just these two episodes, even those supporting ones. I’m already sold and can’t wait for more episodes. Bring it on drama!

If I had time, I would totally do recaps for this but sadly I don’t have much spare time to do recaps 😦 I’m pretty sure such a great drama will have someone recapping it 🙂 But I did write up a short summary for the two episodes!


First of all – a quick summary of what happened in the two episodes.

Gye Jin Sung is chasing down a traffic offender who runs into a hospital and was caught by security. She leaves after issuing him a ticket.

However, she became a attempted murder  witness when the guy was thrown off a vehicle and was ran over.

vlcsnap-2016-06-23-00h20m01s713At the hospital, Lee Young O, a new surgeon, refuses to do the surgery as he felt it was unnecessary. The probability of the man surviving was very low. Hyun Suk Joo gets Lee Young O to try to do the surgery simultaneously and Young O agrees.

However, the man dies during operation.

Lee Young O later on told Suk Joo that the only reason he did the operation was to see Suk Joo’s face after the surgery ended and also to see if he was right or Suk Joo was right. It was just a game to him.

Jin Sung suspects that there might be something wrong and the CCTV footage of the surgery was deleted. Suk Joo senses something amiss as well.

Jin Sung orders an autopsy however there was nothing wrong with the body. She only realizes some time later that the body was switched, but the body was already cremated.

She looks through the CCTV of the hospital morgue and saw Lee Young O viewing the body, before smiling to the camera.

She sneaks into his office and saw that he had the CCTV footage of the surgery in his computer.

The next day, she is confident that Lee Young O is the killer who switched out the body.

Lee Young O loses his chance to do a live surgery. However due to a medical emergency, he manages to get full authority and perform the surgery. He told Jin Sung that the surgery is the perfect statement.

During the surgery, the brain of the patient had some stuff going on – and he mentioned to Suk Joo that this was one of the reason why the man died on the table (the patient they first operated on together).

After the surgery, Suk Joo asks if beside that reason there was anything else which was weird – to which Lee Young O continues his sentence – for example, that the heart was missing.

Apparently, Lee Young O wasn’t the only person at the hospital morgue. Suk Joo had went to check on the body as well and he found that the heart was missing from the body.

Lee Young O pulls Jin Sung inside the room as she was standing outside the room.


The drama moved so fast and I loved every single scene. It kept me on my toes and I really did wonder initially if Lee Young O was really the culprit.

I love these two already ❤

Suk Joo is a doctor who tries his best to save his patients. He and Jin Sung know each other when she was much younger when she needed a heart operation back then.

Jin Sung has a crush on him, but he does not view her as a woman yet.

And I cannot imagine if Jang Hyuk had not taken this role, or if the other initial actors who were offered had taken it instead.

I think Jang Hyuk nailed the character perfectly. I felt the chills just watching him and he was just oozing with charisma.

His character has an antisocial personality. He is devoid of emotions. His dad, also a surgeon in the same hospital seems to fear him.

Now I start to wonder, if he really has an antisocial personality or if his dad’s treatment of him when he was a little boy affected him to grow up antisocial.

What if it was curable but because his dad kept teaching him to read people’s emotions, maybe he grew up thinking he is really weird and without feelings?

If he is really without any emotions, why would he propose to Kim Min Jae? Unless of course, he’s just proposing for the sake of getting married, to convince people that he is just like any other normal human.

Apparently his dad didn’t want him to become a doctor but he still did and he told his dad that he is even superior to the other doctors – because he is void of emotions, he does not waver due to fear or anything like those.

Anyway it was just two episodes, but seriously every character made an impact – one way or another.

There’s actually a lot of great scenes in these two episodes but I can’t fit everything in here. You have to watch it for yourself! It’s THAT good.

I don’t really have time to write about more characters and even if I have, this post would be never ending. Hah.

We will leave the rest for next time 🙂

So overall, the first two episodes were really interesting and everyone was amazing. Will be looking forward for more to come ❤

4 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSION: Beautiful Mind Ep 1 & 2

  1. Can’t agree with you more that JH took this role instead of someone else. His portraying as Dr. LYO is absolutely awesome and amazing. Enjoy watching it every minute!

  2. i read a little bit about his illness the antisocial personality disorder and it’s not that HE doesn’t feel anything it’s that he’s simply incapable of empathize with other people. So he’s very well capable of feeling -though some emotions may show stronger than others- but I guess he feels less since he doesn’t know any feelings of remorse and such :))
    Just general information for those who are interested ;))

    1. oh yeah… thanks for correcting this. for a moment i thought he wouldn’t have feelings but now yeah i agree that he has feelings but his illness is not being able to comprehend others’ feelings. THANKS!!!

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