vlcsnap-2016-06-24-09h48m37s670I was excited when I saw the teasers and it reminded me of God’s Gift 14 Days which was awesome until the really unfortunate bad ending.

I actually had high expectations for Wanted but I was considerably bored throughout the two episodes. It was nothing like what I had expected.

Of course this is just my own opinion, I think some actually do think it’s good. It doesn’t really work for me though – due to various reasons which I will explain in further detail.


I seriously feel that the drama did not give enough time for the viewers to develop an emotional rapport with the characters. As a result, I felt indifferent to all the characters.

The pace is quick – too quick for me. I had no time at all to digest the characters. I couldn’t sympathize with the female lead at all. I know she is sad over her son being kidnapped, but I did not feel it in me that she’s sad.

And weirdly, even the drama characters themselves do not feel sad. It’s really weird but no one seems to even care that a boy got kidnapped. I don’t see or feel any concern from anyone.

If a stranger comes up to me and say their loved one is kidnapped, I think my reaction would be nothing like any of the characters. WHY ARE THEY ALL SO CALM?!

Putting this aside, the drama introduced too many characters, too fast.

I wished that they had gave us some time to actually learn the characters first before just throwing us the whole plot and all the characters at once.

It’s all too much to take in.

However, despite not liking the first two episodes, things might get better – hopefully? I have a feeling that the drama just wanted to capture as much attention in the first two episodes thus the fast pace.

Now that they have officially started the live reality show – hopefully the missions are good to watch and full of suspense.

The drama honestly is so bad at suspense. To be called a thriller and not deliver is just….

I wanted to discuss more about the characters – but like I’ve mentioned, they introduced too many at one go. It’s kind of hard to focus on any one particular character and none of the characters are that likable to me at the moment.

So overall, I didn’t like the first two episodes. Lack of emotions, lack of suspense, lack of focus.

I’ll still be sticking around to see if it gets better 🙂

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