ANIME Review: Charlotte

An anime review! Though I do enjoy watching anime from time to time, I don’t really write up reviews on them.

Maybe I should?

Anyway, I was feeling a little blue because I feel that the dramas airing right now are not really pulling me in so much, so I wanted to watch something else for a change but didn’t have any idea what are the good anime or Japanese dramas recently so I decided to ask for recommendations and someone recommended me to Charlotte.

It was a great choice because I absolutely loved it.


It’s a short 13 episode anime which tells the story of people who have special abilities during their teens.

Our main lead, Yuu Otosaka, has the power to possess others for 5 seconds. He abuses the power to possess students so that he could remember their answers for tests and exams and be a top student.

vlcsnap-2016-07-13-19h44m58s805Not before long, Nao Tomori, catches him in the act and tells him to transfer to their school. She explains that these superpowers will disappear one day, once they become an adult.

And so he transfers to the special school where students who have special powers gathers, or those who have chances at developing them.

I love the characters ❤

Initially, I thought it was a simple story of just a bunch of students with special powers who gathers together to find others, but apparently there’s more to it which is revealed in the later half.

Personally, I loved the first half. It was funny and cute – and the characters were too adorable.

I love the second half too – but there were more characters introduced in the later half and plot wise, there was more story and the mood instantly becomes more serious.

It was kind of a drastic shift, but I still love how the whole anime turned out.

I especially loved how Nao Tomori was actually by Yuu Otosaka side when he was at his lowest.

Their relationship was so adorable to watch!

Even though, they didn’t start on good terms – but slowly as they became friends and despite all the times they argued, Yuu knows that Tomori means more to him than just a friend.

vlcsnap-2016-07-13-19h47m08s897Yusa is cute as well! I prefer the dead Misa who is more fierce and sassy. It’s also always so funny to see Takajo’s reaction to whatever Yusa or Misa does.

But my favorite character is Nao Tomori!

It’s always so sad watching her – but I love her spirit and how she doesn’t let things get her down. She’s always so calm and collected.

The whole anime turned out a little sad towards the end and I can’t help but feel that the last few episodes were too rush or had too many things going on. It would have been nice if the mood was consistent throughout – but nonetheless, it was still a great watch ❤

And the bonus part – good songs!

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