LeeJIN Drama Updates (26 Aug)

I was considering to upload individual posts on the recent dramas but I think it would be easier for me to just write up one post.

There are a couple of dramas which aired but I didn’t blog about them and I just wanted to take this opportunity (as i have some time now) to share what I feel about some of the dramas I’m currently watching 🙂

Mainly on – Let’s Fight Ghost, W, The Good Wife, Age of Youth, Cinderella & Four Knights and Moonlight by the Clouds.

Let’s Fight Ghost

I started on this quite late because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to see Taecyeon in a drama. I never liked him much as an actor as I found his acting awkward and felt that his characters doesn’t have much charm on screen.

But anyway I gave it a try because I had no reason to miss out watching Kim So Hyun and it’s not bad. It’s pretty fun and nice for a change.

Surprisingly, I’m not sure if his acting improved or if he finally picked a suitable role but Taecyeon is doing well in the drama as his character. There is chemistry between him and So Hyun as well.

Personally, I think the drama is watchable and funny at times. I like the subtle mystery behind Hyun Ji’s death and the professor. However, the pace is a little too slow for my enjoyment. I’m still watching it – but I do find myself bored once in a while.

W – Two Worlds

I was blown away by this when it first aired. It was refreshing, different and interesting! I had no idea why but initially I thought it was a webtoon adaption but apparently it isn’t.

I did watch a few of the writer’s work like Queen In Hyun’s Man and Three Musketeers which I did enjoy a lot. I didn’t manage to finish Nine, but I heard the Nine was actually better in the second half of the drama.

I think the writer has a great way of writing these kind of time/travel concept. Anyway, I love how unpredictable the whole drama is. We never know what will happen next – which is a good point.

I love the characters too – especially the doctor who is an avid fan of W. He’s hilarious. And even Soo Bong.

I think the drama has been pretty good thus far, but the recent two episodes were not exactly to my liking. I still love it of course, it’s just that things are starting to get a little messier and I’m starting to feel a little uncertain about the drama plot.

I’m fine with the killer being able to control the webtoon and everything else, though I still have no idea why he could steal the face of Oh Sang Moo. The killer could be ‘alive’ and control the story like Kang Chul but how can he steal Sang Moo’s face? It’s not a big deal to me actually – it does add a super creepy factor to the story though. Boy was I surprised. Lol.

I’m just getting a bit worried about the whole Kang Chul and Yeon Joo storyline. I’m afraid that if they go back and forth a few times, I might get sick of it. I think because we’re always used to something new and unexpected in the story, we keep expecting more.

But anyway I shall have faith in the writer ❤ The drama is still awesome anyway ❤

The Good Wife

Oh Yeah. I haven’t watched an English drama since Ghost Whisperer(?) and it was the first season. Hah. Personally, I’m not a fan of English dramas as I found them too long and usually it’s just not my kind of drama.

I’m actually surprised watching the Korean adaption of The Good Wife and I think to myself, “Wow they actually had a good drama?”

I never watched the original so I have no idea how similar the Korean version is to the original, but anyway I love the story!

The drama definitely stands out a lot. It’s hard to describe it in certain words, but remaking this drama was a good idea. There’s certainly a bit of the american vibe; the way the drama moves along.

Unlike most Korean legal/law dramas, The Good Wife is great without being overly dramatic or serious. Somehow it feels like a breeze watching the drama. Honestly I find Korean legal/law dramas very serious and there’s always this tension between the characters. Okay maybe not just Korean legal/law dramas, their other dramas have this too.

The Good Wife characters are smart, interesting and somehow easy to watch and understand.

Anyway don’t misunderstand me saying as the drama is a simple and straight-forward drama. There’s actually a lot of question marks and a lot of things I’m curious about.

Age of Youth

I just started this yesterday! There were good reviews and I had a bit of free time yesterday so I decided to give it a shot and it’s great!

A story about bunch of female roommates living together and the situations that normal youth faces during this phase.

It’s addictive, lively and fun! Everyone should give it a try!

Cinderella & Four Knights


I was cringing so much throughout the first two episodes but I went back for more. It’s so weird how something so typical, obvious, cliche and cringe-worthy is actually addictive.

Maybe it’s because of the fresh faces?

I don’t know how others are liking this, but I think majority of women generally likes these kind of stories once in a while. I mean who doesn’t dream of being Cinderella at least once in their lifetime?

I think despite the totally obvious story line and cringe-worthy moments, I actually like it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t watch this type of drama in a while, or maybe it’s because most of the casts are fresh faces or faces you don’t see occasionally.

I feel like a small girl while watching this. It’s a sin, I tell you. Hahaha.

Moonlight By the Clouds

I was really excited for this but somehow along the way, I became excited for Scarlet Heart Ryeo and totally forgot about this.

Anyway, the first two episodes were much better than I expected and I found it really enjoyable! I was worried about how Park Bogum is going to fare in a saguek but looks like I was worried for nothing.

He suits his character perfectly.

I have to agree with netizens though that Kim Yoo Jung’s makeup was too obvious. I mean she’s supposed to be a man right. But that’s got nothing to do with drama quality so it doesn’t affect me that much.

As much as i loved the first two episodes, I’m still wary about the upcoming episodes. I hope the palace politics doesn’t get too draggy. Don’t ruin it for me, please.


Okay, that’s about it for today!

That’s roughly whatever I’m watching right now 🙂 If there are any other really good dramas, not to be missed, do drop me a message and let me know ❤

I’m going to start on Jealousy Incarnate and Scarlet Heart Ryeo next week!





One thought on “LeeJIN Drama Updates (26 Aug)

  1. I’m also obsessed with W. It’s so nice to have a drama that surprises me in so many ways. I had no idea where they were going several times. I did have the concern that it would mimic Yong Pal in falling apart once the OTP got together early in the episodes, but they did a nice job side stepping that.

    The culprit was able to steal the writer’s face because they have the same face. The reason the culprit can control him is a little shakey, but it’s an uncertainty i can live with.

    I understand your concern about the OTP going back and forth, but I trust this writer to at least use a different obstacle/issue if they need to be separated again.

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