REVIEW: On the way to the Airport


I finally finished On The Way To The Airport! It’s an amazing feat because I’ve been so busy lately it’s so hard to catch up and finish a drama.

Overall, I thought the drama was good. It had this certain consistent mood throughout that there wasn’t any moment which I thought was randomly added or thrown in. I watched this basically without any expectations but I do find it pretty decent.

However, as the theme of the drama is about two married individuals being attracted to each other, it might make some viewers uncomfortable.

Choi Soo Ah and Seo Do Woo starts to develop feelings for each other after a few coincidental encounters.

I’m glad that the drama didn’t go to the extent to actually show them commit adultery because I would be turned off otherwise. It was a really subtle development between the two.

However, personally, I would still consider it as an affair. It could be called, emotional cheating?

I know that both of their spouses aren’t exactly blame free either. However, no matter what, my own personal beliefs is that as married couples, you should also work it out first.

It feels a little sad when I see both Seo Do Woo and Choi Soo Ah broke off their marriage. Of course, the drama did made an effort to show that both marriages didn’t fail because of this new relationship.

There were already problems in both marriages.

It’s hard understanding Seo Do Woo’s wife, Hye Won initially. She was cold towards her daughter and she seems so distant towards others all the time, even her own husband.

Park Jin Suk, Soo Ah’s husband, seemed like the typical male chauvinist. He usually make the decisions and gets Soo Ah and his daughter to listen. He “flirts” with other females, but doesn’t exactly do anything.

Honestly, I didn’t understand how can both Hye Won and Jin Suk accept the divorce so easily.

If I could point out something about the drama which I dislike, it would be this. When a marriage fails, it’s never one’s person fault. When I see Do Woo telling Soo Ah that she’s the person he wants to spend a lifetime with, I was thinking to myself, what about when he got married?

I mean, for sure, when  both of them got married, they loved their spouses enough to think they would spend their lifetime with, right?

I’m sure the love cooled off along the way, personality clashes, distance and whatever else, but in the end, those are still your spouses.

Looking at reality, it’s hard to think that affair and divorces do not affect people. It does. Even though the people around you would accept it after some time, but the initial stage is always tough.

But I guess the drama kept its consistent mood throughout. I wished it went a little like One Warm Word. I swear that was one intense affair drama. You could really see and feel how an affair affects the people around them.

But anyway, the drama is pretty decent. It would be nice to watch if you have time to kill – but nothing special for you to go all out and watch it.

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