First Impression: OH MY GEUM BI

vlcsnap-2016-11-23-14h20m30s497This is so good! I didn’t really had any plans to watch this but I read some positive reviews on it so I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did.

Basically it’s about Geum Bi who goes to find her dad after her Aunt leaves her on her own. It’s her first time seeing her dad, and Hwi Chul has no idea who’s Geum Bi or who her mother is.

The story seems simple enough – irresponsible parents and Geum Bi, a smart child, who will be diagnosed with dementia later on.

Part of the reason why I didn’t want to watch this was because its inevitable that it would make me shed a lot of tears – and I’m already regretting my decision but I guess shedding tears for a good drama is a good thing. No Pain No Gain.

I love Geum Bi. She’s wise beyond her years – and we could slowly see Hwi Chul changing his attitude towards her. I hope that he finds out that she is his daughter and not just a random child who claims to be.

Besides Geum Bi, we have a few interesting mysteries. Like who Cha Chi Soo is. He was released from prison with something which looked like a blood-stained jacket and he went straight to find Hwi Chul.

And also Go Kang Hee – who is rumored to have a daughter. There was this talk with her brother(?) where it seems like they both did something wrong which caused someone to die. No idea if that someone was her daughter?

Anyway, I love the story so far, whether its the story which has yet to be told – or Geum Bi’s relationship with Hwi Chul which needs a lot of work. Hwi Chul better be fast enough, because there isn’t much time for Geum Bi.

Ouch. I feel the pain already 😦


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