POV DISCUSSION: Missing Nine Ep 1 – 6

vlcsnap-2017-02-04-01h59m04s555I know it’s been a while since I last talked about kdramas but I’m back with a short discussion on Missing Nine~ Initially, I didn’t plan to write about it because the drama felt average to me, but the recent 2 episodes made me interested, so here I am.

The post will contain spoilers.


I started the drama thinking that only Ra Bong Hee survived and the rest died on the island. Of course, that isn’t true. From the recent developments, we see that there are other survivors!

That’s a great thing. But before I get there, let’s talk about the drama in general first.

Honestly, I didn’t like the first four episodes that much. There was something a little off about it but I can’t seem to describe it in words. It’s an interesting concept – stuck in an island and only one came back alive – what happened in that island?

However, in the initial episodes, I felt that the drama wasn’t focused enough. It felt a little bit neither here nor there. I dislike the sudden change in mood – for one moment, I’m curious about Bong Hee (in current time) but all of a sudden, we see her back in time at the island with Joon Oh bickering.

It’s like I’m almost 2% away from being sucked in the mood and then the mood died. Whatever that means. I hope you understand xD

I didn’t know what exactly the drama is trying to aim at – Comedy? Suspense? Mystery?

I’m sure a drama can include all three… but personally, I just felt that the story or writing could have been a little bit more tighter? I think it’s good but just 2% shy of being awesome for me.

Anyway, as for the characters, I don’t have much of an issue but Tae Ho’s character is a little weird. I’m not sure what kind of character the drama intends to portray him as. A psychotic killer? Selfish? Desperate?

Before I get to Tae Ho, let’s talk about the plot again.

To my surprise, I actually liked the development in episode 5 & 6. The deaths have to happen so that I’m actually interested to watch more. And what’s interesting now is that, Bong Hee is not the only survivor. The president is alive (though he may die soon?), and from the end of episode 6, Tae Ho is alive!

I was initially wondering how the drama is going to be interesting if only one person survived and we know from the start who is it. But now things have changed a little – it’s about who actually managed to stay alive? It also means there’s hope for Joon Oh to be alive at the end? Hopefully?

And now back to Tae Ho – I get it that he’s selfish and will do anything to ensure his survival – but I think his character just feels a little off.

I loved the part when Joon Oh confronted him about killing Yeol – and how he remembers the old times they used to spend together and promise to trust each other till the end. When Tae Ho cried – he comes across as sincere and I really wanted him to be that kind of character.

Not technically a good one – but one which turns desperate in his own attempts to keep his own life in a deserted island.

However, that same person killed So Hee without remorse. I can’t really picture the those two personality in one person. Of course, someone who is desperate enough can kill and after killing, they might get used to it and feel nothing after a while, but I guess that’s what missing.

There’s too little scenes on his character’s development – its hard to accept everything without scratching my head. Bits and pieces of scenes don’t really help much…

It would have been more intriguing if they have showed us Tae Ho’s development from a desperate soul to a killer without remorse.

Okay – that’s about it for now.

Overall, I can’t really judge it for now. It still feels too early, but I’ll continue to watch it since things seems to have gotten more interesting.

2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Missing Nine Ep 1 – 6

  1. I’ve been holding back on watching this one, despite the cast awesomeness. Keep updating your thoughts on the drama–it helps me, selfishly! 😀 If it suddenly gets crazy awesome, then you can tell me, and I’ll jump in and binge to catch up!

    Hopefully they tighten things up a bit and can find a clear focus!

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