POV DISCUSSION: Missing Nine Ep 7 – 10

vlcsnap-2017-02-18-12h14m53s544And boy look what do we have here….it’s weird but Missing Nine continues to keep me on my toes because I never know what to expect.

It’s funny how weird it seems but I didn’t really like the drama that much at the start but I would have to admit that with each new episode, it gets better. First of all, I’ll say this straight, all of the 7 survivors are alive!

Now that it’s been revealed that Joon Oh is alive, I can’t wait to see what is lying ahead in future episodes.


Okay – firstly, I have to say that the more I watch this, the more it feels less of a survivor battle in a deserted island. It feels like everyone is just caught in the same space with a lunatic, serial killer.

Tae Ho’s first murder wasn’t on the island. I have no idea why his character is such a lunatic but I’ll just accept it at face value. It feels like I won’t get an answer even if I try to understand.

Anyway, now that everyone is alive and that news is out to the public Joon Oh is the killer, I guess this will be the new direction the drama will take.

I guess they will try to find a way to prove that Tae Ho is the killer and prove Joon Oh’s innocence? And perhaps President Hwang will be the final key to end everything? But is it even possible to jail Joon Oh on charge of murder? There are no physical evidence though?

We’ll see I guess?

Oh – there was this hospital scene where all of a sudden Bong Hee is like an action star, I couldn’t stop laughing. I find such moments honestly a distraction – but I didn’t dislike it. Well, the drama is strange, in a way – and I’ve accepted it as such.

I guess the drama gets better with each episode? I’ll just sit back and watch everything unfold. No point trying to crack your brains on this drama. It’s more fun to just sit and enjoy.

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