POV DISCUSSION: The Liar & His Lover

vlcsnap-2017-04-10-22h07m23s723Okay – So I finally started on The Liar and His Lover! (and I’ve already finished the 6 episodes…) 

I took some time to start this for various reason – one of it was because I wasn’t keen on the casts and secondly was I had no time!

Anyway, firstly, I had been unhappy over the casting but despite it, I would say the drama didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. In fact, I actually kind of like it. I guess that’s the power of a good story.

Well – I never doubted the story in the first place since it is after all an adaptation of a manga.


Okay – I’ve got to admit this but tvN did a good job with this adaptation. The story flow is good and it’s strangely addictive.

I’ve watched the Japanese movie but I have yet to read the manga – so story wise, I don’t really have much idea what will happen. But I guess it’s a good thing as I can keep on being curious on what’s to come.

I don’t have much complains about the story because it is from a manga and obviously there would be some exaggerated emotions, expressions, scenes but I’m totally fine with it. It’s refreshing for a change. And there’s no need to worry on how the drama plot will suddenly turn bad…

If I had to complain about something… it still lies with the cast. I still can’t picture Kang Han Gyeol as someone with a “huge” age gap with Yoon So Rim. I know it’s not Lee Hyun Woo‘s fault he looks young.

Well, he is young but he still looks young for his age xD. It feels strange at times. And the fact that Takeru Satoh played the role in the J-movie, it’s really hard to actually picture Lee Hyun Woo playing that same role.

But then again, I’m not sure which k-actor can actually deliver like Takeru Satoh. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not about acting skills. It’s something like a certain aura an actor has and brings to the screen.

I know, I know I shouldn’t compare them but I can’t help it! But, I’m not saying Lee Hyun Woo is bad. In fact, I think he’s actually portraying the role quite decently. I’ve always thought that he should pick better projects and I think this was a good decision.

It’s still difficult for me to view him as an adult – even though he is one. Maybe I’m just old… However, I think he does own this role in the drama version and his character is charming.

As for Joy…..we know it’s her first time acting. Well, I’m sorry but I’m one of those who gets pissed off when an idol lands a lead role without any previous acting stint or if they can’t prove they deserve the role.

But glad to say, she’s passable. She’s doing pretty alright for most scenes – her acting somehow does reflects her character’s straight-forward and honest personality. Very green but refreshing in a good way.

However, she’s still a little bit off on delivering more complex emotions but that much I can live with.

The drama’s tone feels very light and refreshing. Acting skills which makes a huge difference in dramas don’t really bother me that much for this drama. I guess it’s partly due to the endearing story and the cute character interactions.

Of course, the most important pull factor of the drama is in fact, Joy’s vocals. She sounds amazing and that alone is worth watching the drama for. I do listen to Red Velvet songs, but I’ve never heard her sing alone so I didn’t really know what her voice sounds like.

After hearing her sing in the drama, I think I know why she was chosen for the role. She actually matches the character and her voice is indeed amazing.

But all that being said, I guess not everyone would enjoy the drama. It’s worth a try though. Yes, the love story is cliche but all manga has a cliche love story – it’s not always a bad thing.

I like the story content too and I’m curious about all the characters. I want a happy ending for everyone and I don’t think that is impossible 🙂

With the recent slump in kdrama lately and all the serious drama themes, this actually makes a good, nice, change in vibe.

This is on my watch list now 🙂

4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: The Liar & His Lover

  1. Hi, I liked reading your POV. I gravitate to youth dramas. I like seeing the mix of veteran actors as well as new actors in their early debut. Have always really liked the first crush/love phases when done well. The lead’s chemistry and their cute interaction have sold me. I love the female lead’s straightforwardness with the male lead. Kudos to the writer on their dialogues. Hoping (but not really believing it will happen) the writer integrates the story line well with the other characters to keep us invested for the second half and not drown us in the triangle. I wish some writer would take a cue from Dream High where the rivalry was on even ground and fun with some bromance. But it does not fit into this story since this is the music industry…yep it’s a jungle. Interesting though that you talked about the actor casted for the male lead. I was also thinking about that too today. His interactions with the girl are spot on and his acting is fine. But to be believable as a musician and songwriter and the presence of an age gap, not as much. So 2 names came to mind. Both are in their own bands. I don’t want to mention one to to avoid backlash.
    But my choice would be Kim Jae Wook. Musician CHECK. Good actor with speaking lines CHECK. Good actor without speaking lines CHECK. Can be sweet and swoony with a side of sexiness CHECK. A bit older but I think it’s closer to the manga.

    1. AHHHHH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MENTION KIM JAE WOOK. NOW I CAN’T GET HIM OUT OF MY MIND TT_TT He should return to dramaland soon and not just a cameo 😦 I’m surprised you thought of him… he actually would have made a pretty good fit….

      And yes totally agree on the writer doing a good job with the lines and stuff. Even though the story is based on a manga, to carefully bring out the story to “life” is not an easy task as we could totally see how many manga- kdrama adaptations have failed….

      And yup I hope the story focuses on where its important, especially the other characters too. Part of me is positive since manga or jdramas always tend to focus on the good in people and even villains have their good sides, etc. So let’s hope it stays good all the way till the end 🙂

  2. I’m also waiting for him to appear on my screen. *crosses fingers* for the upcoming episodes and hope you may give your POV again when the show finishes.

  3. Sato Takeru was love as Aki. Lee Hyun-woo… nahhhhh.

    The Japanese film had such a wonderful, angsty vibe. I love all the music featured.

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