I started on this pretty late but I managed to finish it within 3-4 days? I wouldn’t say that it’s mind-blowing awesome, but it was indeed enjoyable and addictive.

It’s different from most of the dramas I’ve watched and it has a good balance between action and comedy. Personally, I wouldn’t have complained if we had more action because Park Hae Jin is so hot. And even more so when he’s in action.

Rather than the plot, I was more interested in watching the characters because I find them adorable and unique. If I would say… it’s the characters which makes the whole drama much more enjoyable. The plot on its own wasn’t exactly anything special to scream about.


Personally I feel that most of Park Hae Jin dramas usually doesn’t sit well with me. I want him to pick better dramas!

Of course, this doesn’t include Man to Man. I find the drama decent and his performance awesome. He totally owns the character Kim Sul Woo, a secret agent. He’s thrown off his balance when he meets Cha Do Ha.

I love his subtle facial expressions – especially his eyebrows movements!!! It’s a small detail but adds so much to the scene itself.

vlcsnap-2017-06-12-07h17m27s091Besides Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong is totally hilarious as the action star Yeo Woon-Gwang. I love their interactions so much ❤

Cha Do Ha is also not your typical damsel in distress. Yes, she does need saving – but the girl can stand on her own and she’s FUNNY!

Basically, to me it’s really the characters which makes the whole drama what it is. As mentioned, the plot is pretty average but the characters make every single minute worth watching.

I would say the drama is worth a try!

2 thoughts on “SERIES REVIEW: MAN TO MAN

  1. Thanks for your review! I’ve been eyeballing this on Netflix and debating if i want to watch it, and this is one more tick in the “watch” column.

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