I know this is long overdue but I had to do a write up on this because I really enjoyed it a lot.

First of all, I am impressed at how OCN always delivers their crime/thriller dramas so well. And their newest addition to it is Tunnel.

Basically, it’s about how Park Gwang-Ho, a detective, who accidentally travels through time (to the future, 2017) while chasing a serial murderer. There he meets Kim Sun-Jae, his previous partner, Sung Sik, and Shin Jae-Yi and they work together through a series of crimes, while trying to find the serial murderer of the past.


The plot might sound simple and straightforward like any other crime dramas, but yes, despite the simple plot – the drama manages to deliver like no other.

There were unexpected twists which were surprisingly very timely. For Tunnel, every single twist which was revealed made me even more excited, because they dropped the twist when I least expected it – and it had an amazing effect.

I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for the rest who hasn’t watch it yet – but the best way to watch this drama is to watch it without knowing what is bound to happen. That way, you could fully enjoy the drama like how it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Besides the great execution of the drama, all the characters were great too.

vlcsnap-2017-06-26-09h40m06s012I love how the relationship between Park Gwang-Ho and Kim Sun-Jae develops. They started off on really bad terms – but manage to work together. It’s always so funny watching them. We also have the cold and expressionless Shin Jae Yi which made things a lot more interesting.

Despite being a crime drama, it does has a good amount of humor involved, but it never lost the main focus. I would say that every single point of the drama is well-thought through and the execution was perfect.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes crime dramas. It’s clearly one of my favorites now 🙂

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