What I’m up to…

Hello guys!

I know it’s been so long since I last wrote up anything. I really wish I was more consistent, but I’ve been a slump for the past few months 😦

There hasn’t been any dramas lately which is interesting enough and makes me want to write up about it. Or even if there was, I really didn’t find time to do it.

School deadlines…and I found a new hobby which takes up almost all of my free time…

However, I just felt the need to drop by and maybe talk about the dramas I’m currently watching right now.

I’ve recently started on Hospital Ship. I loved the first two episodes and I’m definitely looking forward to more. I’ve also started on Live Up To Your Name, which started off pretty average but the story picks up as I watch more episodes.

Criminal Minds is alright – I do like the crime stories but I wish the story flow/directing was better.

Strongest Deliveryman is pretty decent. I do kind of like it but right now I’m still uncertain about the drama as a whole. I need to watch this till the end.

I’m also watching Father is Strange. I’ve heard good stuff about it, but I was initially unwilling to watch a long weekend drama, but I did anyway. It’s pretty good.

I’ll probably be starting on Age of Youth 2 this weekend 🙂

I wonder if there is a good period/wuxia chinese drama right now? I recently finished Princess Agents and I need another good drama.

2 thoughts on “What I’m up to…

  1. Hi… If you are looking for Wuxia/ Chinese dramas and you just finished Princess Agents… Have you tried Nirvana in Fire?

    It’s my favorite Chinese drama right now and sadly nothing comes close. There is not much romance but it has more than enough feels to keep you going.

    It also came out two years ago…but I just chanced on your blog again and figured I’ll drop off a comment.

    1. I’ve watched and finished that and YES that was one awesome drama 🙂 I actually just started on Tribes and Empires. It seems pretty decent so far!

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