vlcsnap-2017-10-13-22h33m02s432Hello everybody~

There’s a new drama on the Mon-Tue timeslot, Witch’s Court, and it seems promising! I’ve been in a drama slump for quite some time 😦 There hasn’t been anything really good lately.

Anyway, Witch’s Court is about Ma Yi Deum, a prosecutor who resorts to tricks to win cases. Before we get there, we get a short portion where we see a younger Ma Yi Deum with her mother. Her dream was to be a doctor. However, one day her mother went missing and we get a time jump where she is now a prosecutor.

continue summary/discussion after the jump

Apparently, the mother had an evidence of Jo Gab Soo’s crime, and was caught while trying to handover the evidence to Prosecutor Min Ji Sook. As we had a time jump, and I’m not sure if they found the body or not – which leaves some possibility that her mom might still be alive, or if she died, maybe her body would be revealed at a more crucial timing.

From the two episodes, we see that Ma Yi Duem doesn’t hesitate to use any methods as long as she gets the result she wants. Even if she hurts the victim in the process, it doesn’t matter to her – as she is a prosecutor and she doesn’t think that she should care about such things. Her concern is to catch the culprit. She also seems fond of being in the media and desires to move up.

Whether her desire to move up has anything to do with her mother’s disappearance, we don’t have a clue yet.

So far, the story showed everything we need in two episodes and I like that. We know the rough background – and we have all the main casts settled down. Ma Yi Deum is now working under Min Ji Sook and Jo Gap Soo has taken an interest in Ma Yi Deum. It would probably take some time before Ma Yi Deum and Min Ji Sook realize their connection to each other.

Adding to the mix, is Yeo Jin Wook, who is extremely observant and used to be a psychiatrist. He’s good at his work and we’ll probably see him clashing with Ma Yi Deum in future episodes regarding their approaches to cases. I can’t wait for them to fall in love. Sorry, I know romance is not everything in a drama but I love their interactions.

I love Ma Yi Deum. She’s so sassy – she’s interesting! Yay for interesting character ❤ Overall, I loved the two episodes and I’m actually looking forward for more 🙂

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