LeeJIN’s DRAMA CORNER is something which I started because I loved writing my thoughts down. Rather than verbally expressing my love for dramas or movies, I prefer to write it out and discuss it together with other drama/movie lovers like me.

It contains various POV DISCUSSION posts – which basically means, Point-Of-View Discussion. Every time I watch something, I might have an urge to discuss something, or recap a small part of it, that’s why it’s called POV DISCUSSION. It also means that everything I say it’s all of my own opinion, so no harm meant if I offend people.

*(For example, I might make comments about an actor who I don’t like or a show which is stupid in my own opinion. There’s no harm meant, and I would like to strictly emphasise that you are not allowed to pick ‘fights’ here.) That basically means, if I say, I don’t like XXX because she or her is (whatever reason), I do not want to see you commenting that XXX is not (whatever reason) and make some side remarks or comments.

THIS IS A PERSONAL BLOG where I express my own POINT-OF-VIEW, so DO NOT try to change my POV, or make side comments. Obviously, it might be bias in some ways, but respect that because you have YOUR OWN POV as well.

I do welcome comments if you are recommending me to watch XXX in another drama project that you think she/he is good.

Other than those, I welcome any other comments/thoughts. You can share your love for the same topic, or your hatred or whatever else. It’s more fun to have an open discussion about a certain drama or movie.

If you have anything to recommend, please feel free to do so πŸ™‚

Last but not least, I really appreciate every single one of you for dropping by. Sorry, if some of the posts are not what you were looking for and you got directed here. Nonetheless, I wish all of you happy watching and enjoy reading πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. but I relate to your views on these dramas a lot even if not recaps still pls any kind of comments or views or a discussion anything on ep 3 and 4 of a new leaf

  2. LeeJin. You have to check out this drama! It starts Lawyer Kim from Let’s Eat and the girl in it loves Seo Kang Joon as much as we do. I did not know where to post this, and my twitter account is under another name.

  3. Hi Lee Jin!

    I’m Isabella from CHOCOLABS, a mobile application developer and publisher in Taiwan that has produced chart-topping APPs.

    Believed you love k-drama (same here!) and its our mission to provide best drama watching experience anytime anywhere to all users. We will soon launch a totally revamped version of our current app DRAMOT+ (not sure if you’ve heard about our product before) and would like to enquire if it is possible to get your kind help to try it out and give us a review (if you’re interested, of course :D).

    We look forward to your kind response.


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