Anime Special: Nagi no Asukara


I never really did an Anime Review before, so I just thought of trying one, because this anime is awesome 🙂 I’m currently watching Nagi no Asukara, an anime about childhood friends who were brought up in the sea, and attends school on land when their school closes down.

Basically, if you’re thinking why are they brought up in the sea – it’s because in the anime, a long time back humans live in the sea. However, most of them left for the land, thus right now they are separated between land and sea. All of that doesn’t really matter, because this anime is all about friendships, love, and growing up.

It’s amazing how the anime portrays how different people try to get along, and at the same time, I just love the friendships between the characters and their one-sided love. A part of me wished that dramas could follow the soul or heart or whatever it is in this anime which makes it so heart-warming and lovable.  It’s like any high-school drama, but I swear this is really good 🙂