Birdie Buddy Ep 14 Main Highlights

I’m too lazy to do a detailed recap for Ep 14, so I would just summarize the main point of the episode.

So basically, Ep 13 ended at Sung Mi Soo doing her last shot. She won and got a car as a prize. Min Hye Ryung fights with her mother yet again and Min Hye Ryung leaves the countryside.

Jay Park still wants Hye Ryung as a player and looks for an infamous golf scammer, who someone the female reporter calls uncle.

Sung Mi Soo, John Lee goes to a restaurant and bumps into Hye Ryung and her father. John Lee follows Hye Ryung up to her room while Mi Soo waits at the restaurant.

Min Hye Ryung asks John Lee to go back to the states. They fight and John Lee stands outside her door, thinking.

Min Hye Ryung decides to join Jay Park and asks her father to be her personal caddy. Her mother finds out when the newspapers published the news and is pissed off.

Mi Soo’s father slowly gets his memory back.


This episode was a low-key episode. The main highlight was actually Min Hye Ryung deciding to join hands with Jay Park to get revenge on her mother. It’s exatcly what Jay Park wants because everyone knows he’s eyeing the resort.

There’s something strange though. There is a certain relationship with these three people, Jay Park, Fabian and Sung Mi Soo. I don’t know but somehow Fabian has a certain attachment to Mi Soo and though I thought they might just be father and daughter, it seems impossible as well since he’s not korean. I don’t know what it might be, but there is sure some sort of connection.

Last highlight was that Mi Soo’s father is slowly getting his memory back.

Let’s sidetrack a bit. I’m not sure if you guys have the same idea, but I think John Lee sincerely likes Hye Ryung. From what I see, he really treats Mi Soo well because she’s a great player not because he has feelings for her. However, we don’t know if he’ll start falling for her. I don’t think he will though?


Birdie Buddy EP 13 Recap/ Summary

Sung Mi Soo gets the green light to leave the mountain with John Lee. She returns home and everyone is happy to see her and gathers around for dinner. John Lee was given a challenge to eat raw garlic, competing with Mi Soo’s father. He loses as he is not use to eating raw garlic.

Fabian (Mi Soo’s Teacher) is thinking about Sung Mi Soo alone up at the mountains. Someone lurks around the mountain and turns out to be Jay Park’s man.

Sung Mi Soo goes to get new clubs and fitting with John Lee as she’d broken most of her clubs at the mountain. John Lee thinks of Min Hae Ryung.

There’s a long drive competition at the resort and the winner will get a car. Song Mi Soo is interested as her family had sold their car. Min Hae Ryung returns and Jay Park’s man greets her at the airport. While drinking tea, Jay Park tells Min Hye Ryung he wants her to be his player instead of her mother’s. She rejects and mentions that she quit golf. Jay Park is aware that Woo Joon Mo is still in Korea. Woo Joon Mo and the secretary is keeping contact and updates themselves on Min Hye Ryung (MHR).

Jay park goes to visit Woo Joon Mo (WJM). He informs him that MHR is going to quit golf. WJM couldn’t believe him. MHR mother is looking for her. MHR goes to a countryside.

Song Mi Soo goes to practice and John Lee brings her to make new golf balls specially for her.

WJM goes to visit MHR. MHR is pissed and tells him that she quit golf and not to come looking for her.

Mi Soo practices in her room with her new golf balls while John Lee is thinking of MHR at home alone. He tries calling MHR but her phone is switched off.

MHR’s mother finds out where she’s staying and goes looking for her.

Long Distance Golf competiton started.

No one really knew who Sung Mi Soo was, but as she hits the golf ball, everyone is surprised by how far it went. Finally she’s and 2nd place and 10 meters difference from the 1st position. She hits the last shot and the golf ball went far.

The End.