Bu Bu Jing Xin: The Tearful Goodbyes…

It’s time for another BBJX post 🙂

This time, it’s the topic of the tearful goodbyes. There are so many goodbye scenes in BBJX which sent most of us crying and bawling our eyes out. Which scene touches you most, and which goodbye left you with the most tears and heartbroken?

(NOTE: Pardon me if the pictures are not clear. It is clear on my laptop and when I’m writing the post, but somehow after publishing the post, it’s not so clear anymore. WEIRD. It was fine a few days ago…) – Open the image on a new tab, and it’s the clearer picture. I think my file size is too big~~

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Destined to be apart: Rouxi & 4th prince Yinzhen

One of the main highlights of Bu Bu Jing Xin was the romance of 4th prince & Rouxi, which started off late, lasted for a short while and ended tragically.

Personally, I was supporting them as a couple instead of Rouxi & 8th prince or Rouxi & 14th prince. If 13th prince was in the running, I would have voted for him instead. HAHA 🙂

Their romance was the most complicated of the lot, and the most difficult to maintain. He’s a competitor for the throne, she’s the Emperor’s favourite palace maid. He’s the Emperor, she’s the palace maid and his hidden woman.

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BBJX, The Arc of Character: 4th prince, Yinzhen

After discussing about the character, Rouxi, it’s time to discuss about the character, 4th prince Yinzhen. His character didn’t have a lot of scenes in the first few episodes (as the first few episodes focused on developing Rouxi’s relationship with the other princes), but subsequently he become the male lead of the drama.

4th prince character is such that, you can’t decide to blame him or forgive him. For me personally, I love his character a lot and I don’t blame him for his extreme ways.

Let’s take a look at his character’s development throughout the story…

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Bu Bu Jing Xin: The Arc of Character Rouxi

I’m not ready to let go of this awesome drama yet, so I’ll probably keep on writing about the drama 🙂

In the art of story-telling, a writer must be skilled in creating characters. I think it’s one of the hardest thing, but yet the most important thing. For me personally, I’ll rather look at an average drama but with awesome characterization compared to a good drama with bad characterization. But then again…it’s hard to find an average drama with awesome characterization or otherwise, because good characters usually make good stories and bad characters make bad stories. Don’t you think so?

A good character is someone the reader or audience can understand, and someone who would eventually change throughout the story. The characters have to grow and change according to the situations which the writer would create for them in the story. No well-created characters remain the same from the start of a story to the end.

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Bu Bu Jing Xin Final Discussion

I’ve just finished watching BBJX and I’m full of mixed feelings, despite already being aware of the ending because of spoilers and the novel. I never really read the novel, but I’m pretty sure the novel had more details to the story which might not have been showed in the drama. Perhaps one day when I can read Chinese, I will be able to read the novel. (HAHA! Or I can just wait till they finishing translating it into english)

The ending is different from the novel so I would give two different opinions about the ending. I heard that in the novel, Rouxi died and couldn’t return to her present life. In the DVD/TV, Rouxi indeed died but returned to her present life, even having the memories of the life she led in the Qing Dynasty.

Personally, I would have liked the novel ending better. It would have been best to just leave Rouxi as she was – dead. Returning to her present life makes the sad ending loses a little bit of it’s sadness. If she returns alive, how can she continue living with all that memory which had caused her so much heartbreak and pain. The Rouxi we’ve seen for the past 34 episodes, would never be able to live peacefully with those memories. It’s not as if she forgets the pain she felt. She clearly remembers everything which happened, so how can she actually continue to live on when she couldn’t even live on in her life during Qing Dynasty.  Continue reading “Bu Bu Jing Xin Final Discussion”

Bu Bu Jing Xin Final Episodes

Unlike what I’ve written previously, I’m not going to do a recap for episode 34 & 35. No worries though, because if you want to know what happened, Koala’s Playground have already has a post which she discussed the final episodes. You can read about the finale here:



I thought of doing a recap, but as I watched the last two episodes, I didn’t want to do a recap anymore. It was a sad ending, with a lot of mixed feelings so I didn’t want to write a recap. The links I provided are more than enough to tell you what happened.

However, I will discuss my own thoughts and feelings about the finale episodes.

Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 33 Recap


Rouxi reveals everything to the Emperor and 13th prince. The Emperor is livid and asks her to leave. He orders everyone to get out angrily. 13th prince walks side by side with Rouxi, watching her walk a step at a time. She stumbles and faints.

Rouxi dreams of Qiao Hui calling her to come back. She tells herself that she no longer have anything. There’s no sister, no Yutan, no baby, no friend and no 4th prince. She open her eyes to find 13th prince sitting by her bedside. 13th prince asks her why is she so silly and put the blame on herself. If he has to hate someone, he hate destiny which made a fool out of them. He tells her to promise him not to give up and that she’s not supposed to give up. Rouxi cries in happiness and tells him that she’s really happy. He tells her that he is happy too.

Rouxi holds 13th prince hands, and write something on his palm. 13th prince asks if she have something to pass on to 14th prince. She shows him the handsign “ok”, and tells him to tell 14th prince, “I do” (or I agree or I’m willing – whatever you think suits you best). 13th prince doesn’t understand but doesn’t question Rouxi further. He agrees to pass on the message if she promises not to give up.  Continue reading “Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 33 Recap”

Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 32 Recap


The Emperor arrives. Rouxi smiles, before a tear falls and the Emperor quickly goes by her side and hugged her tightly, crying along. Rouxi apologies for the baby and tells him that their baby is happy somewhere else, so there is no need to blame someone else. The Emperor tells her that he’ll be angry if she keeps on worrying over others instead of herself. He promises to take her for a walk once she recovers.

The Emperor takes a walk with Rouxi. Rouxi says that the scent of medicine covers the scent of the flowers. The Emperor cheekily answers that he can only smell her fragrance and goes nearer to kiss her (or smell her – whatever, HAHA!). She covers his mouth and pushes his face away, telling him that the palace maid will laugh at him for doing so. He says that there is nothing funny about an Emperor treating his concubine well. He tells Rouxi that he has already prepared a title for her. Continue reading “Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 32 Recap”

Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 31 Recap

9th prince asks Rouxi what she wanted to talk to him about. Rouxi asks him directly whether he felt guilty for Yutan’s death. 9th prince answers coldly that it’s her fortune for generations, to be his tool. Rouxi tells him that he sure lives up to his reputation. He tells her that he’ll naturally take care of her family and the funeral, but if she wants to seek justice, she should look for the Emperor as he is the murderer. Rouxi has nothing to say.

9th prince is thinking of Yutan. It wasn’t as easy as he had said to Rouxi. He clearly had a deep relationship with Yutan. He was the one who saved her years ago, and they also shared a relationship. 9th prince shouts aloud that 4th prince owes him too much.

8th prince arrives and 9th prince tells him to stop retreating all the time. 8th prince tells him to keep his temper in check and that there is little they can do since 4th prince is already the Emperor. After 8th prince leaves, 9th prince asks 8th Fujin for her opinion and tells her that he has something interesting to say. Continue reading “Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 31 Recap”

The Childhood Playmates: 10th prince & Rouxi


(NOTE: I’ve changed the previous title “The Friend who is clueless” to the current one because it sounds better and suits them better.)

Unlike my previous post about how we should envy 13th prince & Rouxi’s friendship, 10th prince & Rouxi’s friendship is not something to envy, but rather something to smile about.

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