POV DISCUSSION: King Of High School (Episode 3 – 6)

*Sorry – No pictures.

I still love this and YES I do. Side note: I’m just going to use ‘King of High School’ as the original title is too long. 

Personally, episode 3 & 4, kind of made my love dropped a little bit – but I still love the drama. The first two episodes blown me away and I was all over the show and just kept talking about how awesome it was. The important part is always what comes after the first impression – and if that level of fun could maintain throughout it’s run.

I find that Lee Ha Na might be trying a little too hard at her character – because in episode 3 & 4, it kind of irritated me. The way her character walked, talked, make faces and put her hands in her pockets. It was just majorly awkward and weird.

Maybe it’s just her character – but really, it’s awkward. The facial expressions are AWKWARD. However, it toned down a little in episode 5 & 6, so that’s a good thing.

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POV DISCUSSION: High School King Of Savvy Episode 1 & 2


Okay, time to talk about High School King Of Savvy. I LOVE THIS. It might be a little too early to say, but TvN hardly disappoint me, and I kind of like what they always offer, so I’m hoping this would be the same.

The characters are so wacky, it’s an instant win for me. First of all – it’s funny. Second, the characters are funny. Third – it’s sweet. Fourth – JUST WATCH IT ALREADY.

Personally, I’m quite indifferent to all the actors in the drama. I know them, and I’ve watched their previous dramas, but I’m not an avid fan. Of course, it doesn’t mean I don’t like them. It’s just I don’t fangirl over them, so I wasn’t even expecting much from the drama. It sounded interesting, that’s why I decided to pick it up.

But BOY OH BOY, It’s so enjoyable.

I’m going to write up a discussion with screencaps, not exactly a recap though. You can visit Dramabeans for recaps 🙂

It’s a bit long though, because there’s a lot of pictures. Hah.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: High School King of Savvy Episode 1 & 2


I FOUND IT! A drama that ends my drama slump 🙂

I’ve watched the first two episodes of High School King of Savvy, and I’m screaming AWESOME. It’s so hilarious, and fun – and I’m just so excited for the upcoming episodes. I wasn’t really expecting much, but I’m so glad the first two episodes were so enjoyable 🙂

Just a brief intro – it’s about Lee Min Seok, a high school student, who agrees to ‘act’ as his brother, when his brother goes missing. The first two episodes showed us how all the four main leads are connected to each other, and it’s just……fun, really. We have a random toilet love confession, drunk habits, and GOSH Lee Min Seok is already fascinated by Jung Soo Young.

It’s just the first two episodes, but I’m so in love with all the characters, and IT’S JUST SO FUN. AHAHAHAHAHA. GO WATCH IT PEOPLE!

I wanted to do a write up actually, but it’s like almost 2am right now, and I’ve got work tomorrow. I might do it once I’m free, or I might do it for future episodes.


And drama…please don’t disappoint.