POV DISCUSSION: I Need Romance 3 Episode 2 Review

Alright, just watched the second episode of INR3, and I think I can say that I won’t be recapping this drama for sure. I’m still not sure if I’m fully on board, because despite liking the casts, I can’t really feel the excitement.

Don’t misunderstand, the casts are all awesome and I do adore Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon – however, while watching the first two episodes, I felt very detached to the drama. I’m not sure how to put this across. I still need time to judge it, and if I continue feeling this way, I might not continue watching the drama despite my love for the casts.

While watching this drama, it’s inevitable that I would compare it to INR1 as well as similarly themed dramas, like Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, or Can We Get Married. Those dramas had their own flaws but one thing they had in common was probably the all the flirting and cute which made those dramas fun to watch, together with the super close friendships the characters had. I think INR3 lacks a little on these parts as of now – and maybe it needs a bit of time before we get to see it.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I Need Romance 3 (Episode 1)


I Need Romance 3 has started airing, and from the first episode itself, I’m not sure if I would like it or not. It wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be, weirdly.

I Need Romance 1 hook me up instantly at it’s first episode, but this doesn’t. I would need a few more episodes to see what I feel about this drama. I like the casts, but while watching the first episode, I have a little bit of doubt whether Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon will have chemistry. I really like her relationship with Nam Goong Min though, who plays her sunbae in the drama.

I’m not going to do a recap, because honestly, I found the first episode quite mediocre, or rather boring. It was like an extended version of the trailer I saw. Nothing special to be excited about. However, I’ll keep a little hope that drama brings back those awesome girl-friendships and adorable OTP moments for this one too.

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