Latest Updates & Recommendations please~!

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Let’s do a short update on the drama’s I’m currently watching. Okay, so firstly, my latest love is Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. The drama is so pretty and lovely. I love the fact that the leads are in love with each other, yet aware that they are not supposed to be with each other. However, as much as I love how things are going on right now, I hope it will remain this awesome right till the end.

As we all should know, Choi Sukbin (the King’s lady after Jang Ok Jung) will come inside the story at one point of time. As history mentioned, the King sort of like her, or maybe loved her. I mean none of us will know the truth right? As in, only the people involved will truly know. Historians might always misunderstand. I hope that the drama doesn’t make it seem as though the King loved her. It will be so heartbreaking, wouldn’t it??? The perfect King who fell in love with Jang Ok Jung actually let his heart waver for another girl. It would be acceptable if he likes her, not love her. I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but I just hope the love between the King & Ok Jung last all the way till the end.

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DRAMAS UPDATE: Reviews & First Impressions

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I finished King of Dramas about a week (?) ago and I haven’t really write up a review for it yet, so here I am. I actually liked the drama a lot. It was not too heavy and it remains very light-hearted, thanks to the supporting roles. I’m looking at Choi Siwon in different angles right now. Even though honestly, I didn’t really favor the idea of Anthony going blind – and I’m aware that they want to portray him as someone who loves drama and all, but for him to give up the chance of gaining his eyesight just to secure the airtime is a little……yeah.

I mean, honestly, who on Earth would do such a thing? Unless you’re telling me the character is dying – and he doesn’t want to leave regrets, okay I’m fine. However, in such a situation, for him to give up on himself, just for the sake of the airtime – proves to us one thing. He didn’t change much. He is still obsessed with producing dramas – not missing an airtime, even when the situation is dangerous. Oh well, because it was a happy ending and there was too much cute, I shall just let it off. I enjoyed the drama nonetheless.

Putting that drama aside, I dropping sagueks The Great Seer & The Horse Doctor. What a great disappointment. I’m a huge fan of sagueks – and these two which I had some sort of expectations for just failed me.


Anyway, School 2013 is going to end real soon – and I’m pretty upset that there’s no loveline. It would be cute to see some boys crushing on a teacher and dot dot dot. HAHAHA. Oh well, but I really like the drama because they portrayed some real-life classroom problems. I love the bromance, I like the petty fights and I love the students. Let’s hope the drama ends on a good note.


I actually like how this drama is going, besides the amnesia part. I guess it’s necessary so that the two leads get to interact. Eugene’s mother-in-law is really…evil. She’s just crazy. I do hope that her daughter soon rebels against her mother, because her mother is making use of her crush to get rid of Eugene. Then again, she’ll probably hate Eugene to the core.


I like this. SO CUTE. Park Shin Hye’s character is not that difficult to relate too. She’s afraid of people – she hides and stays away. She has so much to say – but she doesn’t. And cute neighbours all around her? OMG. I wish I had neighbours like that. Oh, did I mention that I like Kim Yoon Hye (previously known as Woori – I prefer this stage name though)? I think she has lots of potential, and I do hope that this drama will do something good for her career. HAHAHA. Well, whatever that means.

I thought of watching Sirius – but I’m too busy. I would like to try Queen of Ambition as well – but I’m afraid that drama will go down the drain halfway through so I’m not starting on it just yet. Let me know if it’s good okay?

Till then 🙂