POV DISCUSSION: A New Leaf (Last Review)

Alright, I actually finished watching A New Leaf, and wanted to snap a few pictures to go along with this post – but then again, I don’t really have much spare time to do screencaps, so I just decided to go ahead with this post.

A New Leaf gave me mixed feelings. I don’t hate it at all – in fact I really liked it a lot. However, I admit that it sorts of disappoint me a little because it could have been so much better, if it wasn’t for the time constraint. URGH. ALL THOSE PRE-EMPTS!

They had good characters, a lot of possible good plots – but I think they couldn’t flesh everything out because time was too tight.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it a lot. At least, even though it disappointed me a little, it didn’t go crazy midway and it was still a good watch.

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POV DISCUSSION: A New Leaf (Mini Review)


Kim Myung Min looks so good, even when crying. URGH.

I’m actually loving A New Leaf, but somehow, there isn’t much I want to write about after each episode, so I didn’t write up episode discussions for this. I would say that the drama focuses more on character developments – in this case more towards, Suk Joo’s character, and each new episode is seeing him change a little bit, and also discovering who he was previously.

Even though they have court cases, I couldn’t care less – because that’s not really the main point of the show, and it’s not that interesting. The best thing about this drama, is basically the characters. It probably won’t appeal to everyone, and some would argue that the pace is slow.

I find the pace pretty alright actually, though I do want more Suk Joo scenes (I can never get enough of Kim Myung Min), and also the rest of the leads. Loveline? Hmmmm…. I didn’t put much expectation for that, so it doesn’t really matter so much.

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POV DISCUSSION: A New Leaf Episode 1 – 6 (Review)

Alright! Finally I manage to get this post out! AHAHAHA. I’ve been waiting to write about it since the first episode, but I was so busy and there was hardly any time to write.

There are not going to be any screencaps, or recaps for the past 6 episodes because I really don’t have the time to do it. I’m trying to resume all my currently watching dramas, and there is a lot of catching up to do, since I didn’t watch anything for the past week.

Okay – I LOVE THIS DRAMA. It’s one of my favorite among the currently airing drama, and I’m a big fan of Kim Myung Min, so I’m practically sold.

This review was written in a rush – so I might not be able to express all of my thoughts. However, after watching episode 7 & 8, I’ll probably do another detailed discussion 🙂

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