POV DISCUSSION: Age Of Feeling Change of Writer & Kim Jae Wook leaving

I just read the news from dramabeans that Kim Jae Wook will be leaving Age Of Feeling. WHATTTTTTT?! I heard there was changes with the writing team, and that the head writer was switched out, but Kim Jae Wook suddenly leaving the drama is really leaving me speechless.


I really liked him in the show, and I just don’t understand why. Now that he’s out, and the writer changed, I’m not even sure if everything will continue being as it is. This is just so disappointing 😦

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Age Of Feeling Episode 1-4


I’ve watched Age Of Feeling, and I’m just here to talk about my first impression of the drama itself. I watched the first episode some time back, and only had time to continue watching the rest of the episodes today. I’m going to continue episode 5 & 6 later on, but let me just talk about what I think about the drama for the first four episodes.

Honestly, the first episode didn’t really suck me in – it wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t interesting either. It felt pretty average, like all other similar genre drama, so maybe that’s why I put the drama on hold while I was busy.

Surprisingly, things got a little better from the second episode onwards, and I think it’s not bad. I like the nerve-wrecking sparring sessions using the samurai or sword – or whatever you call those. I wouldn’t say I’m fully on board yet, because despite liking Jung Tae, I can’t seem to like Gaya yet.

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