POV DISCUSSION: Big Man Last Review

I’ve finally finished watching Big Man~! Hoorays for actually completing a drama! Hahahaha. I haven’t completed any dramas yet since God’s Gift 14 Days – and Big Man is the first which I wrapped up. I’ll probably wrap up Golden Cross soon, and catch up with the rest.

I loved the last two episodes, and it tugged my heartstrings. It’s so funny how I was pretty much indifferent throughout the whole run, but dang the finale was a little bit touching and sweet. I think that all the actors in the drama did really well in their own roles, and I loved each character. It’s sad that we couldn’t see the good side of Dong Suk, because we only get a glimpse of him before he turned into a totally obsessive guy.

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I’m back with a short review on Big Man, and how it has been so far. No screencaps, or recaps – just a discussion.

I wouldn’t say Big Man is bad, because it’s not, compared to most of the other dramas airing right now. Honestly, a lot of the dramas airing right now kind of disappoint, and that’s why compared to them, Big Man is considerably okay.

I just hope we quickly pass this phase of dramas, and new dramas are around the corner, so let’s wait for those and hopefully, they bring back my enthusiasm.

Story wise, I would say Big Man is nothing special to shout about.  There’s really…nothing special. What makes the drama works for me, is actually the characters, or rather the actors themselves.

I think all the actors are all doing pretty well in their own roles – and as weird as Kang Dong Suk’s character is, it matches pretty well with Kim Ji Hyuk’s. One is obsessive and crazy, while the other is loyal and trusting. So Mi Ra’s character is nothing special, and I prefer Kang Jin Ah as a character.

It’s hard to explain how I feel about the drama. It’s like…nothing interesting or special, but it’s watchable. Or you could say that because there’s nothing much to watch right now, thus I’m just watching it.

There are good moments though, and I would have to say the actors are all doing well 🙂

POV DISCUSSION: Big Man Episode 1 – 4 (Review)


Alright – I love this one 🙂

Big Man has been amazing for the past four episodes, and I really love this drama. It has a good amount of humour, and at the same time has all the tension you would expect from a company-related drama, yet also have all the warm qualities as well.

I didn’t expect it to be this good, and I’m glad it turned out better than what I expected. The villains are so easy to hate, and it’s just so addictive and entertaining.


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