Blood has finally finished airing and there is just so much to say. I’m not sure how others felt, but I hated the ending.

I know that Blood has been getting bad reviews since it started, and while I do agree the acting is not up to expectations and the story line not really great – it was still somehow, weirdly, watchable.

I expected at least a decent ending, but the ending was beyond terrible. I want my 20 hours back.

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POV DISCUSSION: Blood Episode 6


Alrights. I didn’t post discussions on Episode 4 or 5 – but I’m just going to lump it all up in this post. It’s going to be the same for future episodes because doing discussion for every episode, or every two episode is a little difficult.

Anyway, I think the story is starting to pick up a little and it’s still keeping my interest firm in place. It’s sad how much negativity surrounds the drama itself due to the casts, but honestly, I thought the story is pretty decent.

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POV DISCUSSION: Blood Episode 3


Blood premiered with lots of harsh criticism, and personally I do agree with some of the criticism after watching the first two episodes, but I don’t find the drama as bad as what most people claim.

The main weakness of the drama is the acting by both the main leads, and though some fans have come into the actors defenses, honestly, after watching the third episode, I agree that the acting is not up to expectations, and we could consider it a miscast for the drama.

However, if people were to give me a choice of either watching a bad drama with solid acting or good drama with mediocre acting, I would definitely choose the good drama with mediocre acting. To me, drama plot and storyline is much more important than acting skills. Of course, I’m not saying that Blood is a good drama, neither is it bad.

For now, I think it’s pretty alright and it may be interesting – or it may not. The fact that I’m still watching it means that not all hope is lost. As per usual, just a discussion – not a recap.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Blood Episode 1 & 2


Blood – is well…interesting. I’m sad to see Healer go, but it’s Ahn Jae Hyun first leading role, so I’m here to cheer for him~

The first two episodes wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, there are some pretty cool and interesting stuff. However, I’m still not fully on board yet because anyone who watched it probably knows it – the acting is zzzzzzzzz. And no I’m not talking about Ahn Jae Hyun.

Initially I thought it was just about a vampire doctor trying to live like humans, but after watching the first two episodes, it seems like there are actually more than one vampire, and there is some sort of mystery, which actually makes me curious to find out.

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