FINAL REVIEW: Come Back Mister

vlcsnap-2016-04-18-21h33m04s661And another good drama has ended šŸ˜¦

I loved Come Back Mister and it’s really sad that it had to go against DOTS. I wonder if it would have fared better if it was put on a different time slot. But ratings don’t matter to us, personally – it’s just that I feel that it’s sad that the drama might have been overshadowed.

It was a great drama overall, funny yet manage to bring out the tears in me. I would have to admit though that midway I was getting a little bored but the last few episodes managed to reel me in again for the grand finale.

(Will contain ending spoilers)

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POV DISCUSSION: Come Back Mister Ep 2


Back again with a short recap and discussion forĀ the second episode of Come Back Mister. Unlike the first episode, there was less heart but more laughs.

I miss Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak already! Who would have thought they would have met in their “second life” as above? Hah.Ā But fret not, we don’t ever have to worry for sparks flying between the two because both are men.

I still enjoyed the second episode and I really have to say this, the drama has really witty dialogues. I’m impressed!

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