Dating Agency Cyrano Finale :)

Dating Agency Cyrano was a fun-filled ride and it was a lot of fun. The only thing I thought was lacking was that the main character’s story was pushed all the way to the back and it seemed a little too rushed. I wished we had more time to nurture the love story between them. And honestly, I preferred Chunhee.

I loved how the drama had little stories in them, all which is nice and fun. It’s sad that the main couple’s story was a little too bland and lame to me. Seriously? Kidnapping by a mad man? Hmmmmmmmm.

However, it was still okay 🙂 I’ll forgive that part since the rest of the drama was good. Overall, it was a pretty good drama adaption of the movie and I don’t really have much to complain. If I were to compliment some people, I would compliment Chunhee, Sooyoung, Taemin & Jo Yoon Woo.

Sooyoung is probably the best actress in SNSD itself and I think she could go far with acting 🙂 However to me, the main spotlight is on Chunhee and Jo Yoon Woo. Chunhee’s role in this drama was really cool, and I really adore him to bits. Jo Yoon Woo is also such a cutie as Ah Rang and I swear he is just so adorable.

Anyway, that’s one show off my watching list 🙂

Drop-by Note: Dating Agency Cyrano Ep 9-10

I love love love this.

With each new episode, I love it even more. And in Episode 10, the real story finally begins!

As we all should know, in the movie, the target ends up with the guy who hired the agency (if I rmbr correctly, that is). It’s going to be fun to see Master & Miss Gong get together and Byung Hun feeling jealous.

Did I mention this? I love Ah Rang and the robot guy as well. Hahaha. So cute.

Drop-By Note: Dating Agency Cyrano Ep 7

Just finished Episode 7 of Dating Agency Cyrano and I’m so pleased. Haha 🙂

The drama is really full of cute & it is so sweet~~ Both guys are starting to have feelings for Sooyoung and it’s so much fun.

It helps a lot that the drama even included reference from other dramas, like k-drama Pasta. It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.

Shall watch Ep 8 tonight after work 🙂

Drop-By Note: Cyrano Agency & I Hear Your Voice

I don’t have enough time to rave about all the good dramas, but I’ll leave short drop-by notes like this in future, just to update about the current dramas airing right now.

Dating Agency Cyrano continues to make me smile with each episode, and I really love the drama. Every character in the drama is fun and the storyline keeps moving. It’s not like…*ehem ehem* *paris* *ehem*. The sub-stories were fun to watch, even the sub-characters were full of color. I can’t wait to see Sooyoung and Chunhee getting together. Lol. It feels like Chunhee is using her, but hey, it’s all good right now. It’s really funny how Chunhee looks so charming in the drama, but when I’m reminded of him in Family Outing, I can’t stop laughing.

I Hear Your Voice is awesome! It continues to be awesome, and I hope it will stay that way! Lee Jong Suk is so adorable having a puppy love and he is just so hot! HAHAHAHA! I’m so glad that they picked him and Lee Bo Young, because their age difference is very obvious and as much as I love him and her, I can accept that they won’t be together in the end. If they had someone else and older playing Lee Jong Suk, I would probably shipped them off together and didn’t want the other guy to exist at all. However, since Lee Jong Suk is not the main guy for Lee Bo Young, it feels just so awesome to see them spending time together, though not in a romantic way.

And the scene when Lee Jong Suk teaches her to check the internet browsing history…omg! *SWOONS* I almost scream in delight. AHAHAHAHA. SO CUTE!