POV DISCUSSION: Emergency Couple Episode 8 & 9


I can’t stop loving this drama and it just amazes me at how it was a great idea to mix medical drama and romance/comedy drama into one.

The drama continues to be hilarious, and I never knew CPR could be so sexy (HAH!). I don’t know what to say about this drama, honestly. It adds in all the different elements together in one drama – but the weird thing is that, IT WORKS. It’s funny when it needs to be funny, it’s sweet when it’s supposed to be sweet, and it’s touching when it’s supposed to be touching.


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POV DISCUSSION: Emergency Couple Episode 7


Alright, I’m back with a discussion for Emergency Couple, because there’s too much cute I can’t resist writing about it.

Initially, I wanted to recap this drama or do episode discussions, but decided not to, because of time constraint, as well as content. Since it’s a medical-rom-com, the content to write might be boring (medical scenes). It’s fun and exciting to watch the medical scenes – but it will be boring if put into words, so I decided not to do recaps.

However, I continue to be entertained watching this drama, and I have so much fun, I think I’ll do episode discussions from this episode onwards. I’m not sure about what others think – but I really love this drama, and I’m just so happy that Song Ji Hyo picked the right project this time round 🙂

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Emergency Couple Episode 1


Okay. This drama has the potential to be one of my favourites in 2014. I know I might be putting too high expectations on it, but I absolutely loved the first episode, and I’m screaming for more.

First of all, to those who are not aware, Emergency Couple is about a divorced couple who meet again in a hospital as Interns. I’ve always been a fan of medical dramas – though I have to admit that medical dramas tend to lack on a lot of stuff. I was wondering if this drama couple actually manage to do both the Rom-Com and Medical setting at the same time, without being off balance, and I’m so pleasantly surprised by what I see in the first episode.

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