Dropping out of Empire Of Gold

Alright. I’m giving up on Empire of Gold because it’s too ridiculous to carry on. I’m not saying the drama is bad, it’s okay but seriously this drama doesn’t have a break at all. It seems like the drama only has one plot and it keeps repeating itself throughout it’s run. There’s nothing at all, besides endless fights between the people who wants power.

I like Tae Joo and Seol Hee, and I find them really cute together, but drama, why oh why won’t you ever give them at least one episode with no fights, and just sweet stuff? Every episode of EOG is filled with their struggle for power, and it is really irritating.

I know that it’s the main plot of the drama – but what happened to balance?

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POV DISCUSSION: Empire of Gold Ep 1-8

So, I’ve watched all 8 episodes and I still think that the story is a little too draggy. It focuses too much on the fights between the three party – or rather more than that actually. Betrayals, wins & loses – I’m getting sick of it at episode 8 and there is still more to go.

I wish they quickly wrap up all these fights for now and rest for at least 4 episodes, if not 2. For a 24-episode drama, having 8 episodes all about tossing power here and there – it feels like a major hide and seek, but you’ll never know who wins the final game. It’s irritating.

Since the first episode showed us Tae Joo (Go Soo) killing a man and asking Sul Hee to take the blame for it, I want to quickly know how did he get there and why did she become the guy’s woman instead. He also got married after that with, Seo Yoon (Lee Yo Won).

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Hey Hey Hey 🙂

So I’ve watched the first four episodes of Empire Of Gold and I’m not sure if I like it or not. Honestly, I hate the fact that it is about people fighting over a company. Haven’t that been done for thousands of times in k-drama? Okay, I know that the main plot is that Go Soo marries Le Yo Won and continues to fight to get the company. However, it takes forever to get there.

I think up till Episode 7, they still have not gotten married. It’s not that I’m impatient, but the drama is taking way too long to dive into the main plot. If you fight from Episode 1 and will fight all the way, the viewers will get tired won’t they?  I don’t know about others but I’m already sick of the fighting plot and wished they just moved the plot faster instead of those pointless fights.

However, I’m still sticking around because it’s Go Soo and Le Yo Won. I even stuck through the terrible second half of “Will it snow at Christmas?”

Anyway, let’s hope the drama picks up soon.