POV DISCUSSION: The Absurdity of Empress Ki

I have never been so disappointed in a Saguek this bad, especially so when it involves such awesome *actors (*by actors, I just mean everyone generally, include actresses). 

I don’t know how we all got into this mess, and I’m so frustrated watching Empress Ki right now. Where has all my love for this drama disappeared to? Probably the grave, along with El Temor. Empress Ki has been so absurd for the past few episodes, I don’t even know why I’m still watching this drama.

For a drama which started out being so awesome, I don’t even know what to make out of this drama right now. I hate Ta Hwan right now, I’m irritated with Seung Nyang, and I don’t even know the purpose of Wang Yu anymore. Someone, quickly end this drama for me.

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POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki (Review – up till Ep 40)

Finally, there are only 10 episodes (1 mth, 1 week) left before Empress Ki wraps up – and I AM HONESTLY SO HAPPY.

I don’t even know how to explain my mental state while watching this drama, and I’m just glad that I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. AHAHA.

No, don’t misunderstand me – I like this drama, and there was once upon a time when I loved it too, but there are just too many factors about the drama which makes me shake my head and want to give up from time to time.

I’m probably going to do a final review once the show ends – this is just a review on the drama so far, up till Episode 40 (I haven’t watch 41 yet).

No screencaps, just a written review and discussion

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POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 21 & 22 (Review)

I’m not going to talk much about the latest episodes that much. I like how the pace is moving along, but just one super big flaw I think they should have paid more attention to.

Can anyone make some sense about Seungnyang & Lady Park delivering their babies around the same time? I mean Seungnyang is definetely premature, but Lady Park was pregnant for countless episodes…and those things which happened in those episodes all happened within less than 9 months?

Seungnyang was about 3-4 months pregnant when she entered back the palace, and it just amazes me how fast time flew by when it comes to Seungnyang and how slow time moves for Lady Park.

I like the drama, and how things are starting to fall into place, but I just wished they had paid more attention to this.

POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 19 & 20


It’s as though the drama gods heard our prayers. Hahahaha. Empress Ki started to pick up again, and things slowly start to move on. It took a long time before we arrived here, and I’m just happy they did it before I completely lost interest.

Everyone is slowly preparing their cards, and we also get to peek in a little into Seungnyang’s feelings about Ta Hwan. I’m so glad that everybody is back on track, and where they are all supposed to be. Seungnyang is back to her normal self, and so is Wang Yoo. Ta Hwan finally starts to change.

It’s a great progress overall, because I was wondering for the past weeks, when are we ever getting into the plot. I don’t do recaps for this – but I just did a short, super short discussion on the loveline.

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POV DISCUSSION: Thoughts on Empress Ki

Empress Ki has aired about 18 episodes, and I would like to just share my thoughts on the drama so far. It’s far from what I expected, and my opinions keep changing from the first episode and up till the latest episode.

My current opinion on the drama right now? Boring.

What I liked about Empress Ki in the first place is Seungnyang’s strong personality, the Goryeo King & the childish Yuan King. The first few episodes’ plot was interesting and considerable fast-paced. However, my interest continues to dip further as episodes go by and now I’m actually bored.

I continue to love the interactions between Seungnyang and Yuan King (Tae Hwan/ Ji Chang Wook), but I’m kind of irritated with the individual characters of Seungnyang and the Goryeo King. Seungnyang seems to be no longer the gusty and fiery female she was in the first episode. She’s turned all meek, and only at times does she turn gusty.

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POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 11 & 12

vlcsnap-2013-12-07-22h57m46s253Empress Ki continues to tug at my heartstrings and I’m loving each and every episode of it. Ji Chang Wook is so sincere with his love for Ha Ji Won, that it makes my heart ache for him that she hates him to the core. Technically, he didn’t kill her father. However, he caused her father to die as a traitor – or something sort of along those lines. He doesn’t know that Ki Joon was her father, thus he cannot understand the reason why Ha Ji Won is distancing herself from him.

As a viewer, I really wish that Ha Ji Won falls for Ji Chang Wook, because I swear he is so adorable every time he thinks of her. I’m not saying that Joo Jin Mo is not suitable. It’s just that the OTP of Joo Jin Mo and Ha Ji Won is so weak compared to Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won.

My fangirl heart is hoping that Ha Ji Won will slowly stop hating on Ji Chang Wook and blaming him for her father’s death, and that she falls in love with him. Please 😦 ?

POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 9 & 10


A part of me love Empress Ki, but another part of me is wary of how the drama will turn out. Basically, history wise, Empress Ki gives birth to a son and tries to pass the throne to the son, which Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) finds out and distance himself from her. However, from what I understand that this drama is saying that the son is actually Wang Yoo’s son.

As I read up the history, there are quite a lot of rebellions or rather politics waiting for us – and of course like every other saguek out there, it’s not possible not to have them. I don’t mind all of these, but there is a certain thing which is bugging me. I love Ji Chang Wook. I shall just refer to his character using his real name, because using Ta Hwan or Emperor Huizang is weird. So to be consistent, I shall just use their real names (Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo).

I understand that in the drama Ha Ji Won is in love with Joo Jin Mo. However, as episodes progresses, I want Ha Ji Won to be with Ji Chang Wook instead. I mean – she will be married to him, but I want her to really love him. There are quite a few reasons why.

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POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki Episode 3 & 4


Empress Ki continues to move at lightning speed, and even though drama plot doesn’t create a lot of tension (yet?), it’s still enjoyable because there’s plentiful of pretty and cute.

We all know that Sungnyang will end up marrying Emperor Yuan, and I’m still not sure whether the drama is the whole journey of how she becomes Empress Ki, or if the drama will be both the journey of how she becomes Empress Ki and after that. I think it’s probably the latter, but we never know and I shall wait and see. Looking at the pace the drama is going, it seems like we’ll get back to the opening scene pretty quickly right?

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POV DISCUSSION: Empress Ki First Impressions


It sure took me a long time before writing up this post. I was so excited for Empress Ki, and I’m glad to say that I’m happy with the first two episodes 🙂

I know that this drama is not exactly based on the real historical story or characters. The names might be the same, but the portrayal of the characters doesn’t really match history. I don’t really care because I just have to pretend it’s a fictional king, or etc. It’s a drama after all.

The pace of the show is lightning fast for the first two episodes, and I like what I’m seeing. Ha Ji Won is awesome as always, and so is Joo Jin Mo. Ji Chang Wook appeared in the last few minutes of Episode 2, and maybe, just maybe he can work out the role well. I’m not really fond of him, and the news of him being cast was sort of a disappointment for me since Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are big names.

However, in those few minutes itself, it seems like he might be okay. We’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, I can’t wait for Joo Jin Mo to find out that Ha Ji Won is actually a girl 🙂

Oh. On a side note, Empress Ki has some side jokes as well, which I didn’t really expect. Nice one, drama 🙂