Faith (The Great Doctor) :Thoughts & Impression

I was reluctant to watch ‘Faith’ at first because it doesn’t sound that good, and another time-travelling drama? I still checked it out though, and to my surprise, I actually like it.

It’s interesting and different.

To enjoy this, you must watch it with an open mind. It’s not your ordinary saguek. The people have powers! I meant it literally. I like these kind of shows, since I’m addicted to wuxia dramas as well. It’s doing good so far for me, and I hope it will stay this way till the end. We all know that time-travelling can be very messy.

Oh. The two previous time-travelling drama (Rooftop Prince & Queen In Hyun’s Man), guys are the ones doing the time-travelling. In here, the girl is the one who travels back to time. It’s funny as she curses, and talks in English leaving the people dumb-founded. She even cut off her pants short which left the people’s mouth gaping. HAH. 🙂