Halfway Mark: Fugitive of Joseon


I just realized that I didn’t make a review or first impression of Fugitive Of Joseon (Mandate of Heaven). I’m here to drop by to talk about Fugitive of Joseon. It’s almost halfway through the mark, and I think it’s a good time to judge the drama. Of course, things might change in the later half, but I have faith that this drama won’t change in the next half.

Anyway, I think Fugitive of Joseon does its mouse & cat chase game a very fun one. It manages to be engaging, yet not making the viewers tired of the chasing game.

It’s great that we all know who’s the evil and the good ones in the show. We know everything – yet the characters are the ones trying to know. In other dramas, it probably irritates us if we apply the same concept – but in this drama, this works really well. Especially because it’s meant to be a chasing game.

Imagine if we didn’t know who the evil are, and we spent episodes and episodes wondering – OMG. I’ll probably lose patience.

I like how the drama blends in all the different characters in the drama to make it a good watch. I love the bandits, I love the cop, I love the Queen Mother, I love the Grand Prince, I love everyone.

It’s safe to say that this drama is probably going to remain this good till the end. It’s great at how they give us viewers the “ups & downs.” We felt happy when Chae Won found the hunchback guy, but he ended up dead. As we thought we reached a dead end, Chae Won found the evidence left by Jubu Min.

We won’t know if that will remain in his possession, but hey, that’s the fun in this drama. We never know who’ll have the last laugh – alright, we do according to drama theory (good will prevail. Lol.) It is still a fun ride.