POV DISCUSSION: Gap Dong Episode 1 – 6


I’ve been watching Gap Dong since it aired some time back, but realized I never really wrote anything about it. So here I am 🙂

I like it a lot, but not really in love with it. It’s hard to describe, but Gap Dong is indeed fun to watch and interesting. I enjoy watching it – and there isn’t much stuff that doesn’t go well with me. The characters are fun to watch, and the story plot is kind of interesting?

I’m not sure if the plot is considered interesting, because honestly the plot is just about them trying to find out who is the original Gap Dong and the copy-cat Gap Dong. There isn’t exactly anything extra – besides knowing that Oh Maria is the sole survivor of the previous Gap Dong victims, and Ha Moo Yum’s dad is probably innocent.

So I think that the main pull factor of this drama has to either be from the characters or the mystery and suspense.

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